The Benefits of Buying a Sex Toy (Beyond Pleasure)

By Kelly Reising

Have you ever wondered if buying a sex toy or vibrator is worth it?

If so, you aren’t alone. We know that pleasure is a large reason why many women go out and purchase their first vibrator or sex toy, but the benefits go much deeper than that. There are many different reasons to own a sex toy beyond pleasure and there are so many styles and types that you can purchase right from the comfort of your own home, it’s worth it to explore the potential benefits. Let’s look into some of the reasons to buy a vibrator so that you know exactly what you’ll get out of it beyond pleasure.

Why You Should Buy a Sex Toy

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “do I need a vibrator?”, then keep reading. Some of the following reasons may help you understand why it could be important and healthy to have a vibrator to use on a regular basis.

Reason #1: Sex Toys Help You Understand Your Body Better

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly where your pleasure points are, what turns you on, and the best way to go about achieving an orgasm. A sex toy can help you focus your attention one hundred percent on you, because masturbation is healthy way to explore your sexual side in a safe way. The use of a vibrator can give you direct clues on what feels right for your own body.

It’s estimated, in the largest study on masturbation ever conducted, that people who masturbated were more satisfied with “their sex life across all metrics.” The study also found that while Americans in general think that 66 percent of women masturbate, in reality 76 percent of American women do.

Everyone feels sexual pleasure differently. Your preferences are your own. Learning what those preferences are can come easier when you have a handy little helper in the form of a sex toy. A vibrator is a teaching tool which will help you understand what works for you when it comes to making yourself feel good. You may find that you like a little extra clitoral stimulation with a vibrator specifically geared towards that fact.

Or you could like the feel of a certain dildo over a bullet-style vibrator. The options for sex toys are vast, so it pays to explore different sensations and styles until you find the one (or multiple) that work best for your body. 

Reason #2: There Are Physical Health Benefits

There are physical health benefits to using a vibrator during masturbation, including pain relief during menstruation. Prominent sex therapist Judith Golden routinely encourages patients to explore solo time in bed.

Another physical benefit? Having an orgasm can take away headache pain. In a study that was done on sexual activity, researchers in Germany found that 60 percent of people with cluster or migraine headaches found improvement after sexual activity.

Your long-term health benefits are another great reason to use a vibrator. Looking at a study that was done by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, researchers found that women who used a sex toy were more likely to take care of their reproductive and physical health by going to the gynecologist for regular check-ups and exams.

Reason #3: Your Mental Health Will Get a Boost Too

Having regular orgasms has shown to improve one’s mental health and mood. If a vibrator or sex toy can help you get to that point more often, it’s definitely worth it.

Studies show that regular self-pleasure can lead to a positive body image and a better sense of self. Plus, it’s truly a way to take a few minutes out of your day to de-stress and unwind. When you have an orgasm, your body releases oxytocin which is a hormone that decreases stress in the body. At the end of a long day, it can be the best way to relax.

Take the Plunge Into Buying a Vibrator

In the end, investing in a sex toy can have a profound effect on understanding your body, while the dedicated time to self-pleasure will give you a boost in mood and confidence. Does it get any better than that? 



Kelly Reising is a beauty editor and author whose book “Lifetips: 101 Makeup Tips” is a go-to for many in the beauty and fashion industry. She is considered an expert guru on all things beauty and style, with a focus on using products that are all-natural. Her most recent piece on essential oils was for a well-known lifestyle magazine.