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By Ema Burner

The night is quiet. There is no one outside, and it is cooler than it had been.

We are sitting on the swing on the balcony, talking about our day and laughing about nothing and everything.

We watch the stars and count the fireflies. 

My legs are draped over yours and your hand is sliding up and down my smooth legs.

I bite my bottom lip, lift my skirt and tell you to stroke me higher. I continue to tell you about the annoying drive home from work when I feel you brush my underwear and my breath catches. I am in mid-sentence and forget what I was going to say. I’m sure it wasn’t important and I straddle you, facing you, on the swing. 

I kiss you. I feel you breathe into my mouth and I feel my thighs get damp. 

I wrap my arms around your neck and you hold me with one arm as you stand up and we lower your pants and both our underwear to the floor. I sit on top of your legs, keeping you covered. 

My skirt drapes over us while I feel you get hard and brush against me. I lift my hips, tell you I want you inside of me and slowly slide you into me, but only slightly.. You look at me pleadingly, and I smile because I know you are feeling me, wet, warm, waiting and there is nothing you can do. I stay up high to tease you.

You retaliate by sliding out of me completely. Now I need to feel you. I sit down hard and you immediately can’t breathe. I tell you it is your turn to drive and put your hands on my hips. You grab my hips and rock me hard and fast. 

I feel myself building up. You pause for a second and the fire starts to sizzle, but far from extinguishes. You look me in the eye, smirk and slam me down on you. 


I am flying over the edge, fast and hard, but I’m not going without you. I ignore the fact that we are outside and hop off your lap. I slide you deep into my throat and you grab my shoulders as you start to lose control. I hear you moan and growl. It makes me need you more.

Finally, you are lit up and can’t handle it anymore. I stand up put my hands on the wall and tell you to take me hard from behind. You comply happily and I instantly feel you penetrate me. I muffle a scream as I fly over the edge and you feel me ripple and pour over you and you reach the end of the road and come hard. You can’t help but moan loudly, setting me off again.

We hear someone open a door somewhere below and you quickly scoop me into your arms and bring me inside. 

It’s a little too late, but now you put me on the bed and fall on top of me.

We’re making lots of new friends in the neighborhood.



Ema Burner is a first-grade teacher living in a rural town in Tennessee. She is a divorced mother of 4 and a fitness instructor. She enjoys karaoke, line dancing, rock climbing, and of course, sex.

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