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Something New

By Susan Smith

A smile unfurled on Elena’s face as Mark guided the car onto their street and she let out a small sigh. They’d been in the park for hours. It was an unseasonably warm day, so the three of them had decided to make the most of the moment. Elena closed her eyes as the sun’s heat radiated through the moonroof. Just behind her, their baby boy sat curled up in his safety seat, his eyes closed.

A sudden pressure on her leg took her by surprise. She opened one eye to see Mark’s hand caressing her inner thigh. Fully alert, she looked at him, but his eyes remained fixed on the road ahead. Elena loved when he teased her, and he knew it. 

She felt a familiar warmth between her thighs. It had been… How long since she’d last had sex with her husband? Before the baby, that much was certain.

It felt like a decade. 

Elena missed how she and Mark used to hookup around the house, unable to keep their hands off of each other. She missed him on top of her, feeling his breath run from her neck down her spine. She missed taking control, watching him melt as she’d hold his hands and work her way down his body. A couple of weeks ago they had tried to have sex for the first time since the baby was born. Despite how much she longed for him, it had been too painful for her and they needed to stop. She confided in her sister, Callie, who had just had her second kid.

“Elena, you have got to use lube.” Callie’s advice was always pretty straightforward. 

She suggested a CBD-infused serum called Quim Smooth Operator which, according to Callie, would make sex a lot more comfortable, while the CBD would help ease the pain. 

“Give it a try. It’s completely normal what you’re going through, trust me.”

Mark pulled to a stop in their driveway, snapping Elena out of her thoughts. She started to climb out of the car to get the baby, but Mark beat her to it. He scooped their son out of the backseat, shot his wife a wink, and headed towards the house. Elena locked the car and followed him inside, grinning uncontrollably.

“I love you, you know that?” she said, watching him set the sleeping baby in his cot.

Mark stroked their son’s head before stepping back. “Huh?”

“A lot.” She licked her lips, then added, “I’m pretty lucky to have you in my life.”

A smug grin tugged at his lips. “That’s cause there’s no one like me, babe. I’m a limited edition.”

He flexed his muscles for dramatic effect and Elena giggled. The two of them made a great team, balancing home life with two successful careers.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Mark went to answer it as Elena gave the cot one last look and headed for their bedroom. A minute later, he returned holding a small package.

“Look what just came in the mail,” he said, ripping it open and drawing out a dark blue bottle. Elena looked closer. It read  “Quim.” 

Oh. Suddenly, the bedroom seemed to grow quieter and much, much warmer as Mark held their new purchase in his hand. 

“Pretty good timing if you ask me,” Elena said, nodding in the direction of the nursery where the baby was now sound asleep. It came out more sultry than expected, but the look on her husband’s face told her they were on the same page.

He pulled her toward him into a kiss, running his warm, soft lips over hers, his fingers raking through her hair. The kiss was hot and pleasant, and she could feel her core growing warmer. All she had to do was reach down to feel the wetness through her leggings. He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss.

She slipped off her clothes and motioned for him to do the same, then sat with her legs parted as he came over to her. 

Mark leaning over her, completely naked, was enough to get her going, but the feeling of his strong hands as he applied the serum between her legs almost sent her over the edge. It was cool, smooth, and slick to the touch, sending shock waves through her body as he glided his thumb over her clit. 

He leaned in closer and kissed her slowly as he slid one, then two fingers inside of her. Elena let out a moan of pleasure. It felt amazing and she wanted more. 

She gave Mark a playful shove, flipping him onto the bed and sending the bottle rolling onto the floor. Mark let out a sharp gasp when she grabbed him by the cock and began stroking him. She wasted no time covering his head with her mouth and going down on him, relishing the way he moaned.

“Oh, Elena.” He grabbed her head and ran his fingers through her hair. She could feel him growing longer, harder in her mouth. It turned her on to feel his visceral response to her. She bobbed her head up and down his cock, sucking as she went. Beneath her, Mark grunted and tightened his grip on her shoulder.

“If you keep this up, you’re going to make me come,” he said. Elena locked eyes with her husband and continued to suck, this time slower. She would have loved to make him come in her mouth right then, but she was ready to have him inside of her.

“I want you,” she said. With his strong arms, Mark guided Elena onto her back so he was once again leaning over her in all his glory. He knelt between her legs and resumed stroking her.

“How does it feel?” he asked, slipping his fingers in and out of her. 

“Amazing,” Elena breathed. “I’m ready.”

She pulled him closer and Mark slid his cock into her, slowly, gently. This time, it felt completely different. Incredible. There was no pain, only the familiar shudders of pleasure as he filled her. She squeezed her eyes and let out a low moan, the first of its kind in months.

Mark went even slower but didn’t stop his strokes. “Am I hurting you?”

Elena almost laughed. Hurting her? She was in heaven. 

“Not at all. Don’t stop.”

He obliged and began pumping harder, faster, and she cried out her pleasure in short, quick bursts. When he began stroking her clit with his free thumb, she almost exploded on the spot. She could feel her orgasm building with each thrust and before she knew it, her body was bowed off the bed, a shrill cry escaping her lips as she came.

Mark didn’t slow down this time. 

“You’re so sexy when you come,” he said, slamming against her in a steady rhythm that was bound to make her explode once again. He began gyrating his hips, sending darts of pleasure coursing through her body.

“Oh, Mark,” Elena cried, raising her hips to meet his thrusts. It felt so good to be with him like this again, she never wanted it to end. Her body began to quiver, and she could tell she was in for another orgasm. This time, she could see from the look on Mark’s face that he was close as well. She told him to keep going as she tightened her grip on him. 

Mark pounded against her a few more times before letting out a deep groan just as she threw her head back, reaching climax with an orgasm that shook her whole body. The feeling of both of them coming at the same time, after months without, was indescribable. 

Afterwards, as they lay tangled together, Elena thought she had never been happier. The two of them stared at each other and she couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Well, that was fun.”

Mark smiled and leaned in to kiss her forehead. Their little family felt perfect.


Susan Smith

Susan is a prolific writer with a love for romance, erotic, and young adult fiction. Her stories have been published in over 20 languages.

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