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Sophie & Theo Pt 1: The Coatroom

By Callisto Morgan

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Theo Fletcher slipped his arm around her waist and leaned his head of black hair against her shoulder.

Sophie Harrison would be lying if she said she didn’t find the entire ceremony beautiful. It had been a long day from start to finish: arranging all the flowers, getting the chairs set up, making sure everyone in the wedding party had everything they needed… She’d even had to make an emergency order for more champagne when the bride was starting to have a panic attack. Sophie had done it on her own dime too, but she never wavered when it came to making snap decisions. She had done what she needed to do to ensure the bride’s day was everything she wanted and as Sophie watched the event unfold, she knew that is exactly what she had accomplished. 

“It’s more than beautiful. It’s perfect.” She pressed a kiss to Theo’s forehead as the happy couple exchanged their vows. The sunset was absolutely perfect and there was a calm breeze keeping everyone cool, which was definitely a blessing, seeing as how the forecast called for rain.

Sophie knew she couldn’t have done any of this without Theo. Becoming the owner of her own hotel in the Caribbean was one thing, but moving from New York City and leaving her entire life behind was what almost stopped her from doing it altogether. Theo had been the one to help her make the final decision, giving up his job as the manager of a prestigious hotel in Manhattan to help her see things through. His expertise has been invaluable, from the decor to the hotel rooms to the daily menu. She was glad she’d snatched him up before someone else did. Both professionally and personally.

They’d been together for a little over a year now. Attraction and interest sparked between them quickly and helped keep them motivated to get the business up and running. After many long nights spent going over paperwork, contracts, legal, and hiring, it was inevitable that the professional connection became something more.

“Speaking of perfect… when you do you think we’re going to be up there?” he whispered. He tilted his head enough to pepper the side of her neck with kisses. He knew that was her weak spot, and he knew she could hardly ever say no to him when he directed his attention there.

Sophie worked her teeth against her lip. She didn’t want to give in to him like this, not with people right there.

“Ask me in a year. When I know we can really run this place with our hands tied behind our backs.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He smiled with those sparkling white teeth and leaned into another kiss, just under her ear.

Sophie tried not to giggle and lightly shouldered him away. She rearranged her dark brown, slightly-greying hair. She was only in her 30s, but the struggle of getting this business off the ground had done a number on her roots.

Theo wiggled his eyebrows at her and smirked.

Sophie smiled back at him and started backing away, her gaze carefully darting to the people still celebrating the ceremony. She knew the wedding would continue to be perfect. She engineered it that way, and the staff all knew what to do. She motions for Theo to come with her. 

Theo followed, of course, unable to resist that coy smile on her face. When they were out of sight of any wedding guests, he lunged at her, throwing his arms around her hips and dipping her into a passionate kiss. Despite being shorter than she is, Sophie was always taken by surprise at how well he could wield her.

But she was never one to let him keep the upper hand. Never.

Theo grunted into the kiss as he felt her fingers tracing the edges of his fly, searching for the girth she knew was underneath. The gesture stole his breath so quickly that he let out a quick moan.

“I get the feeling you want to get out of here,” Theo suggested breathlessly.

“And here I thought you were bad at reading people.” She murmured. Sophie felt the familiar, aching throb between her legs. She couldn’t bear the agony of it any longer.

She twirled her finger around his tie and gently guided him to follow her, scanning the interior of the hotel for a place to find release. Everyone else was so busy with the wedding that the hotel was practically empty, and that meant that no one would be missing them for a while.

Sophie led him to the large coat closet in the hall and made sure the door was thoroughly closed behind them. Thankfully, the overhead light was motion-activated, granting them the means to at least see each other and get comfortable before it went out again.

Sophie hitched up the edges of her dress over the curves of her stomach and pinned Theo against the back wall. Another strong kiss to his lips drew an ecstatic moan out of him. Blindly, she managed to undo his zipper and work the head of his length out of the confines of his pants. He felt soft and hot to the touch, enough to make her loins ache. She pulled his pants down completely to ensure nothing was restricting either of them. 

“I want you on the floor,” she moaned against his mouth and maintained the gaze as she watched him slowly slide down the wall to the floor. The coat closet was big enough for Theo to lie on his back, as long as he bent his knees. It was also deep enough that several layers of coats could be hung, and several were already hanging to the floor, which gave them the perfect privacy they needed should anyone open the door. 

They locked eyes once more as her knees came to rest on either side of his head. He could practically smell her sex; she was ready for him, eager for his mouth to go to work. It was too bad they couldn’t become more intimate in a better place, but he would accept this quick chance to give her a taste of what may come later.

And come later, she would. He could promise her that.

Sophie grabbed and squeezed one of her breasts at the first flick of his tongue against her clit. A spark of electricity shot up her spine and dulled her mind and caused her to put her other hand against the wall to steady her. He was tracing the outer edges of her now, daring to dip further inside to inspire another spark before retracting his tongue and resorting to teasing once more.

Sophie returned the gesture and hoped to steer him forward with a hard grip to his length. She took her hand off the wall and gently grabbed his penis. She felt him twitch against her palm as she began her long, languid strokes. She knew she was doing it exactly the way he liked it because his gentle licks became sucking bites, eager to reciprocate the pleasure she was providing to him.

Her hips bucked as she worked herself against his mouth, another squeeze of her breast popped it out of her dress where she toyed with her nipple between thumb and forefinger. Light pinches turned it harder, pinker, and made the nerves dance within her belly for more. She quickened the pace of her strokes on his penis and felt his tongue probe deep between her pink folds. That was enough to drive her wild.

“There, yes, like that. Tongue-fuck me…” she whined quietly.

Theo did as he was asked; his own hips bucked his penis into her palm, imagining her wet and sweet sex around his shaft instead. 

That thought exploded the pressure behind his navel faster than he’d been prepared for. Cum arched through the air and landed on his shirt and bare thighs, his eyes shut tight in both ecstasy and slight embarrassment that he’d come first. That only gave him more incentive to work harder and give her her turn.

Sophie didn’t let his sudden orgasm bother her. She used his fluid as a lubricant, her continued strokes bringing forth more and more fluid to keep Theo inspired and hanging on to her every touch. His rigid, probing tongue worked at the ripples of her interior walls. She clenched down on him to intensify the sensation, her fingers moving to work at her clit and speed up the ball he’d already set rolling. Harder, faster, she worked her hips against his face until she toppled over the crest of the hill and started drowning in the pool of ecstasy.

Fireworks danced behind her eyes and she felt herself go completely rigid when her orgasm came. Theo could sense it too and quickened the pace of his kisses and sucks. He didn’t want her to miss a single second of pleasure and watched with pride as she stared up at the ceiling, her mouth agape and her breasts jiggling with every twitch of pleasure from her body.

Bright white light and the click of the door opening froze them at that moment and stole away their thunder. They remained perfectly still, knowing what would happen if they were found in such a precarious position.

A pair of legs shuffled left then right, then there was the sound of a hanger being removed.

Their hearts dulled loudly in their chest, both in fear and from exertion. They were positive that if the person hanging their coat was any closer, they would be able to hear their heartbeats.

Another coat was added to the rest and the door was closed once more. A silent count of five, and they were returned to darkness once more. Sighs of relief escaped them, along with breathy chuckles at having not been found.

Theo exhaled deeply and audibly. “I’d call that lucky,” he said. He dragged the back of his hand across his chin and kissed her inner thigh.

“Luck had nothing to do with it. I chose this closet for a reason.” Sophie winked down at him as she lowered the edge of her dress. 

He laughed softly and gently bit the spot on her thigh. “You do have every detail planned…” he whispered into her thigh. 

“I do indeed. Now, let’s get out of here and get you cleaned up so that we can head back out there. I don’t want to miss the cake.”

Theo smiled and followed her out of the coatroom. He could definitely go for some cake right now.



Callisto Morgan is a 34-year old writer when she’s not taking care of her two dogs and her garden in her spare time. She lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York near Lake Ontario and enjoys the occasional walk along the Erie Canal, visits to the local museums, and foraging on Thai cuisine.

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