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The Life: Part I

By Patricia Marie

Pam nuzzled Trinity’s neck and inhaled the familiar scent. She rolled over to get out of bed and get ready for work. She hated this time of day – every day the same. She couldn’t wait until that evening so she and Trinity could have their weekly date night together. She had picked the place this time – a Brazilian restaurant in Tribeca with great food and drinks where they could go dancing afterwards, Trinity’s favorite activity.

She and Trinity had been together for three years and Pam couldn’t be happier. Before Trinity, she had gone from one relationship (or situationship) to another, unable to find anyone who was genuinely comfortable being in a relationship with her because she was polyamorous. Pam understood that what she had been looking for was not for everyone. So, she never considered a potential partner unless they were aligned when it came to consensual non-monogamy.

But far too many times, people said they wanted things that they couldn’t actually follow through with. She had been tired of all the people-pleasing that potential partners exhibited in the beginning even when they knew they couldn’t give her what she needed at her core.

So, when she found Trinity and they were the perfect match for her on multiple levels and they were non-monogamous by choice, Pam knew they were the one for her. Trinity was her equal emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually and best of all, she got a daughter out of the deal with Trinity’s child, Payton. The two of them came into Pam’s life when Payton was three-years-old and it was love at first sight. Now that Payton was a rambunctious six-year-old, she loved the little girl like her own.

Speaking of Payton, Pam remembered that she had to text the babysitter to make sure she was still available to watch her that night. She quickly sent off the text and continued to prepare for her day.


Later that night, Pam and Trinity sat drinking caipirinhas after a delicious and filling dinner of churrasco or Brazilian barbeque. The dance floor wasn’t opening for another 20 minutes, so they decided to hang out for a little bit at the bar.

“Baby, you always pick the best spots for our dates. I need to step up my game,” Trinity said.

Pam laughed, “Trin, stop playing. You took me to see Janet Jackson last week. How could I compete with that? You just happen to love South American food and dancing so I lucked out finding this place.”

“And last week was our anniversary so I lucked out that it was my night to pick the date. Of course, I had to make it special.”

Pam poked Trinity on the shoulder playfully, “You make everything special. Most importantly, you make me feel special. Always.”

Trinity leaned over to kiss Pam. “That’s because you are.”

Pam smiled and kissed Trinity back. She loved Trin and the life they had together so much. She wouldn’t trade it for the world. Sure, they had their issues like any other couple but the good always outweighed the bad. She knew how priceless that was.

Trinity checked their watch and stood up. They put their empty glass on the bar and held out their hand to Pam. “It’s about that time. You ready for me to teach you all my Samba moves?”

Pam cracked up, “You do not know how to Samba any more than I do!”

“That’s what you think. I’ve been on YouTube getting my skills up. Don’t hate.”

Pam rolled her eyes and grabbed Trinity’s hand, “I’ll be the judge. Let’s go!”


When they arrived back home, they were sweaty and exhausted from their evening of dancing. After paying the babysitter and calling her an Uber home, Trinity and Pam peeked in on Payton and she was fast asleep. They both gave her goodnight kisses. Luckily, the kid was a heavy sleeper so she stayed asleep, looking so peaceful under her green polka dot covers.

Down the hall in their bedroom, Pam peeled off her red ruffled skirt and black bodysuit and threw them in the hamper. “That was a workout, for real.”

“Yeah, it was. But so much fun.”

“It really was. I am an awesome date-picker if I do say so myself.” Pam came up behind Trinity who was hanging their blazer up in the closet they shared. She kissed Trinity on the back of the neck. “Come take a shower with me?”

Trinity turned around to kiss Pam and Pam began to undress her incredibly good-looking partner. She loved everything about them from their sense of humor to their understated confidence. She kissed Trin on all her favorite places, starting with their high cheekbones and lingering on their collarbone. By the time they made it to the bathroom, they were both fully undressed.

Pam turned on the shower while Trinity admired their girlfriend’s full, plump ass. They had been thinking about her all day. They treasured their Friday nights together – it was their favorite night of the week. Trinity watched Pam get in the shower and let the water drip down the contours of her body. Pam rubbed on her ample breasts and played with her nipples as the water splashed onto her, teasing Trinity. That was all they needed.

Trinity joined Pam in the shower and kissed her lips and squeezed her tight. They could feel Pam’s heart start to beat faster. Pam kissed Trinity like it was their first time together and then pushed them to the back of the shower to lean against the wall. She gently placed her hands around Trinity’s neck, applied a little pressure, and kissed them passionately. Pam reached her hand down between Trinity’s legs and played with their clit while the water beat down on them. She knew just how to touch Trin to make them squirm. Pam bent down as Trinity instinctively spread their legs so that Pam could put her tongue exactly where she knew they wanted it and work it just right.

Pam moved her tongue expertly on Trinity as the steam from the shower enveloped them. Trinity tried their best to stifle their moans but they were no match for Pam’s mouth. Soon, Trinity lost control and orgasmed with such force that Pam had to stand up and help them get their balance.

Trin kissed Pam breathlessly. “Shit babe. I was thinking about that all day… But I hope you know you’re not done. I got something for you earlier.”

“You did?” Pam asked curiously.

“Yep, give me like two minutes and meet me in the bedroom,” they said stepping out of the shower.

Pam giggled, “OK. It better be good!”

Minutes later, Pam wrapped a towel around her body and joined Trin in their bedroom. Her pussy was still wet from making Trin cum and she wondered what more they had planned for her tonight.

Pam found Trinity standing with a purple dildo with matching harness in their hands and a grin on their face. “Surprise!”

Pam jumped up and down with excitement. She let the towel fall and hugged Trinity. “It’s mine?”

“Of course, it’s yours. I’ll even help you put it on. There’s one catch though. You can only fuck me with it after I have my turn with you.”

“I mean… You know I can’t say no to that,” Pam said.

“Good, that’s my girl.”

Trinity took their time with Pam, teasing her with kisses all over her body and sucking on all of the places they knew would drive her crazy. They held Pam’s hands above her head with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other. Pam yelped with delicious pain that felt more like pleasure and her whole body grew warm with desire. “Fuck me, baby, please,” she begged Trin.

Trin put their fingers in Pam’s mouth and she sucked them until they were wet. Trin stared deep into Pam’s pleading eyes and slid their fingers into Pam’s pussy. She was so wet that Trin knew she didn’t need them to take their time anymore. They thrust into Pam with such fervor that Pam caught her breath and she started to tremble. “Trin, oh God… Trin…” she moaned. Trinity pushed their fingers farther and faster into her and they could feel Pam getting closer to climaxing. Trinity continued to fuck Pam as they leaned down to suck on her engorged clitoris. As soon as their tongue made contact, Pam began to cum, hard. She screamed into her pillow and her body convulsed in satisfaction.

Pam looked at Trin with contentment and hooded, sleepy eyes. “Baby, I love you so much,” she said quietly then paused to pulled Trin closer. “Now, pass me that purple dick, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you.”


It was Saturday morning, the day of Payton’s cousin Katya’s birthday cookout in Prospect Park. It wasn’t until the afternoon, so Trinity and Pam decided to make breakfast and laze around the house until it was time to go. Luckily, they didn’t have to cook anything for the party because Trinity’s sister, Faith, was having the party catered. Both Pam and Trinity thought that a catered cookout was not a cookout at all but neither was willing to rain on Faith’s parade.

Trinity’s sister was great but a lot more bougie than she was willing to admit. Instead, she liked to blame it on her husband, Brian, who came from a long line of Jack and Jill types, but Trinity knew better. When they were kids, Faith would eat all her meals with a knife and fork, even pizza and cupcakes. Their parents humored her but would roll their eyes and wink at their youngest child who was happily eating their food with their hands, as kids do. They were certainly not raised like that but Faith had always been her own person.

Pam, Trinity, and Payton sat on the couch eating pancakes in their pajamas and watching cartoons. “Mama, what did we get Katy for her birthday? I promised her we’d get her a glitter slime kit but I heard Auntie Faith say she wasn’t allowed to have it.”

Trinity was secretly proud of their daughter’s inquisitive nature but tried to be stern. “Payton, don’t worry about it. And what did I tell you about listening to grown people’s conversations?”

“Not to do it…”

“Yes. Eat your pancakes.”

“Don’t worry, baby girl. We got Katy a nice gift and you’ll be able to play with it with her, OK?” Pam assured her.

“OK,” Payton said with a mouthful of pancakes.

Later that afternoon, the trio drove to the park, glitter slime gift in tow. They arrived hand in hand and were greeted by Brian, who for some reason was wearing freshly starched slacks at this wannabe cookout. Pam and Trinity shared a look of amusement. “Hey, Brian,”

Faith walked over with a very full glass of wine. “Hey! You all made it. Go over and grab some food. The lamb sliders are amazing with this Cabernet we got when we went to Napa last month, right babe?”

Brian scooped up his wife in his arms and said, “Yes, a perfect pairing, thanks to you.”

“The two of you are nauseating. Where’s mom and dad?” Trinity said.

Faith shot her sibling a dirty look and went back to canoodling with Brian. She stopped only briefly to answer, “They’re running late. Something about a hike.”

Payton, quickly getting bored of the grown-ups, spotted her cousin and ran over to join her and a few other children. Trinity and Pam headed to the white tent covered in pink streamers and balloons to get some finger food and wine.

“We might have been better off bringing something, after all. Are the kids supposed to eat this bird food too?” Pam asked.

Trinity shook their head, “Nope, I’m sure they have their own organic, sulfate-free, vegan hot dogs and hamburgers. Oh, and probably some veggie chips too. Want some?”

“Umm… I think I’ll pass,” Pam laughed and generously poured them each a glass of wine.

Pam and Trinity hung out with Faith and her friends, drinking wine, eating fancy sandwiches, and talking about all the things people with kids and marriages talked about. Faith’s crowd was definitely not Pam and Trinity’s but, as an only child, Pam always found it fascinating how different the siblings were. Sure, it could be boring sometimes but being with Trin’s family always meant seeing their parents. They were the coolest, most down to earth older couple she knew. It was their welcoming and adventurous spirits that made Trin the person they were today. How could Pam not love them too?

As if on cue, Trinity and Faith’s parents, Lynette and David walked up. “Sorry, we’re late! Our trainer took us to an amazing hiking trail this morning and it was so beautiful that we just had to stay up there for a bit.”

Faith stood up to hug her parents, “Don’t worry about it, Mom and Dad. You didn’t miss a thing. Just your granddaughter running around getting the party dress I had custom-made for her dirty. We didn’t even cut the cake yet.”

The charming older couple gave Trinity and Pam hugs too. “You two look great! You both are glowing… Maybe there are wedding bells in the air?” Lynette asked hopefully.

“Mom… You know that’s not something we plan on doing. Besides, what’s the point of marriage if we already make each other glow?” Trinity squeezed Pam’s hand.

“Alright, alright. It was worth a shot,” Lynette laughed. “Where’s my pumpkin?” she asked, referring to her youngest granddaughter.

“She’s over there, running around with the other kids – no doubt bossing them around like she isn’t the baby of the bunch,” Pam said, affectionately.

“A girl after my own heart,” David said and he and his wife went to go find their grandkids.

Trinity turned to Pam, “Sorry about that, Pam. You know how my mom is. So progressive yet somehow so old-school at the same time.”

“It’s OK, Trin. She did name her children the most Biblical names ever so I don’t think we can be too surprised that she wants to see her child get married one day,” Pam said in a thoughtful tone.

“But I think it’s beautiful that your family isn’t hung up on who you’re happy with as long as you’re happy. Besides, it’s not like she knows that we’re open and there are others contributing to the magic that we have. So, since she doesn’t know everything about us, we should cut her some slack. Let her dream a little.” Pam kissed Trinity to reassure them.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Trinity said. But inside, Pam’s words gave them pause. They thought about the mutual glow they gave each other. Yes, it transcended marriage but was that because marriage would restrict and threaten the dynamic of their relationship? What if their happiness didn’t come from each other or who they were, but from a vigorous mix of sex with other people, the excitement of that freedom, and the bond of trust they’d built together – possibly only because it was essential for this type of partnership.

Trinity had never considered any of this before. But as they looked around at all the couples at the party and at their own little family trio, they realized maybe what they had didn’t have to be so different. Pam made them happy and they loved her and their daughter, Payton. Everything else was a gift. But was this extra bonus fundamental to their relationship? Could their love survive without the very thing it appeared to be based on, their non-monogamy? They weren’t used to questioning any of it. So why now?


Patricia Marie is a writer, an editor, and the founder of culture & lifestyle blog, The Glam Femme. In addition to writing queer, POC-focused contemporary fiction, Patricia enjoys creating erotic short stories that subvert cultural norms and thoughtfully promote diverse experiences and authentic voices.

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