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By Jade A. Waters

Jennifer thought her toy collection was a little excessive, but she couldn’t help herself.

She’d amassed a bounty of equipment: dildos, vibrators, cuffs, whips, plugs, beads, and various other oddities—like the specialty pair of vibrating electric nipple clamps she’d stumbled upon on her last vacation out of the country—and all of them had added to her secretly adored stash. The dildos came in numerous shapes and sizes, ranging from the foot-long Black Rock to the tiny purple Tipper. And the vibrators—well, Jennifer took great pride in those, each of them appropriate in different scenarios, depending on the strength of the vibe she needed. Originally, her stash fit under some panties in a special closet drawer. Soon, though, it grew, because it seemed the longer she’d been away from sex, the hungrier she got for more toys.

Buying them kept her warm and aching for more, and her collection now filled a small moving box in the back of her closet.

A four by four foot one, to be precise.

So, when Daniel rolled off Jennifer after their twelfth fuck—and she, again, hadn’t come—she cast a frustrated glance at her closet while she worried that maybe she’d ruined herself with the toys.

“Did you?” Daniel panted, resting one hand on her stomach and the other on his softened shaft. He peered at her with a hopeful grin, and Jennifer felt a new burn of color washing aside the flush she’d earned from hours of fucking her new boyfriend.

“Well,” she said, “not exactly.”

“Damn.” Daniel wedged himself against her. He was everything she sought in a bed buddy: his scent was pleasant, his eyes were warm, and his swimmer’s body made her panties wet the second she’d noticed the hip bones showing over his trunks. He was so delightful she mentally kicked herself for the hours of howling orgasms she couldn’t seem to have.

“Yeah. Kind of weird,” she muttered. Jennifer pressed her lips on his—damn, he could kiss—but her body throbbed with hornier aspirations.

“Tell me what to do.” Daniel slipped his arm beneath her so he could wrap her in a hug, then grazed her neck with his lips. “I want you to be having as much fun as I am—”

“Oh, I’m having fun. I’m just not…there.”

She wanted to scream.

“Well, let’s get you there.” Daniel squeezed her tighter. “I really like you, Jennifer. I’m officially denying myself any more orgasms until you have one.”

She laughed. His sense of humor, paired with his incredibly sweet nature, had been the second thing to wet her panties after she met him, which is why they’d started dating shortly thereafter and screwing around a few weeks after that.

But now they’d been screwing for a month, and while she knew Daniel was extremely patient, she also knew he wanted her to come. It wasn’t a pride thing for him—just a good, caring man thing. She was his girl. He was her man.
And he wanted to please her, for which she certainly had no complaints.

“Seriously. Anything. Tell me what I can do to make this happen for you.” He kissed her again. “Anything. Do you want me to put on a costume? Dance around? Strip for you?” He gulped. “Do you want to stick something in weird places?”

Jennifer couldn’t stop the laughter that poured out of her mouth, but when Daniel rolled over her again and pushed his semi-erect length against her, she stopped abruptly.

“Anything,” he repeated. “Tell me.”

“Okay.” Jennifer took a breath. Real men could handle toys. The few who had run off when they spied her collection—way back when it was not even half the size it was now—simply weren’t real men.


“I really hope this doesn’t freak you out.”

“Anything,” he whispered. He rubbed against her and Jennifer moaned.

“There’s a box of…toys…in my closet.”

She stared into his face, waiting to see his panic. His disgust. His disdain. His horror. But there was none.

“And you didn’t tell me about this before because…?”

“There are a lot of them,” she blurted. “I think it might be intimidating.”

Daniel tucked his pelvis to make firm contact with her again, making her keenly aware of the warmth of her pussy. She wanted to just take him in, to feel him riding her passionately all over again while she crossed her fingers and hoped for the best—but the truth was that she knew they’d need a hand at this point. Her brain was on overload, and thoughts of him using the toys to manipulate her were putting her right on the edge. She chewed her lip and Daniel shook his head.

“I’m not going to be intimidated. As long as I get to touch you, I’m not frightened by a few little toys.”

She sighed. They weren’t little, and there definitely weren’t a few.

“Okay,” she said. Her voice sounded meek in her ears. Would he really be okay with this? “Only if you’re sure.”

Daniel dropped his lips to her chest and ran his tongue over her nipples. She shivered as they stiffened against his mouth, both of them raw from his earlier tweaks and kisses. When she gasped, he dragged his mouth over her collarbone before pulling back to grin.

“Are you kidding? I said anything to make you come, beautiful.”

And then he was up by her closet, poking around for the giant box of embarrassing things she’d been hiding from most of the men she’d screwed in the last five years.

“Is this it?” He tugged the box out from behind her mountain of shoes, then dropped it on the carpet beside the bed. Rubbing his forehead, he settled his hands on his hips.

“Um, wow. This is somewhat impressive.”

Jennifer buried her face in the pillow. “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be.” Daniel ignored the box to kneel beside the bed. He tickled her side until she peeked up. “Jennifer, I want you to feel good too. I told you I like you. Now, before I open this…” he glanced back at the box, “very large collection of things that will make you feel better, do you have a preference? Anything you’d like me to use?”

She rotated her head enough to expose one eye. He looked sincere, and his hand
caressing the arch of her back didn’t hurt either. She muttered, “Surprise me.”

Then her heart cranked in her chest. Had she really found a man who was as game for toys as she was?

“Honestly, I’m excited to see what you pick.”

Daniel lowered himself to a sit. His eyes widened as he opened the flaps of the box, and Jennifer held back a laugh as he withdrew toy after toy from inside.

The Rabbit.
The fuzzy cuffs.
The Benwa balls.
The blue glitter butt plug.

“Have you used all of these?” he asked, his voice serious as he lowered a shiny ceramic dildo to the carpet. This one he fondled before reaching back in.

“No.” She scooted to the edge of the bed, grabbing a flap of the box so she could see him rummaging through. He didn’t seem deterred, giving each item careful consideration as he laid them out on the floor, and as he arranged them in a neat row she grew even more excited. He removed the Black Rock, waving it around in the air with a raise of his eyebrows, and tingles ricocheted through her body.

“I’ve used a lot of them, but mostly I’ve discovered I like collecting them.”

Daniel grasped the nipple clamps with both hands and splayed them in front of his face. “These?” he asked, tilting his head.

“Never used.”

He gave the rest of the contents a peek over. Then he looked to her, and something in his gaze made her tremble.

“I have an idea.” He crawled over to the bed, planting his lips on hers before running his hand down her belly and between her thighs. He teased her with a quick exploration of her outer folds, and Jennifer moaned when he yanked his hand away.

“Close your eyes and I’ll pick something.”

He paused to slip his tongue into her mouth, twirling it in a more frenzied
movement than usual. Suddenly, he stopped.

“And then, I’m going to fuck you until you cry out for me, over and over again. What do you think?”

Jennifer gasped. “Oh wow. Yes, please.” She closed her eyes as directed, feeling the shifts of the bed as Daniel climbed back down to the floor. The anticipation was more intense with her eyes shut, the room’s air tickling her pert nipples and the abandoned, heated creases of her sex. She tried to stay calm as she listened to the sounds of him riffling through the box.

“Oh yes. This is it.”

What had he grabbed?

“Keep your eyes closed, okay?”

“Yes.” He crawled atop her and settled his weight on her thighs. She could feel his gaze over her, and his fully hardened cock now nudged her about an inch below her pussy.

Daniel laid his hand over her mound. He circled his fingers over her trimmed curls, then dipped one of them between her folds to graze her opening.

“Jennifer…you’re soaked already.” He grunted in approval. “I can’t wait to see what happens when I use your toy on you.”

Jennifer squirmed. Was it a vibrator? Had he chosen a dildo?

“Or maybe toys.”

Her inner walls tightened. A plug?

Daniel shoved his finger into her and she moaned. “Dammit, baby, you’re so wet I could fuck you right now, but I won’t. None for me until you come.” He rolled off and licked her belly, tracing his tongue down until he lingered above her clit, and Jennifer pinched her eyes shut tighter. She already wanted to scream, and the slow glides of his finger while he blew hot air against her mound made for the sweetest torture.

“Please,” she whispered.

But Daniel withdrew his finger.

Before she could speak, he pressed the silicone head of one of her dildos against her.

Jennifer wasn’t sure which one it was, and she inhaled while Daniel adjusted the tip to fit inside her opening.

“Do you like that?”

She nodded. He inched it farther, moving so slowly the thick plastic rubbed along her walls in the most delightful of ways. Once the base struck her folds, Daniel jerked it back until only the tip remained inside her. Jennifer growled at the immediate emptiness.

“More,” she begged.

Daniel obliged, repeating his movement a few times. Each time he glided the silicone rod so that it banged hard against her depths, then drew it almost all the way out. Jennifer’s face grew numb, and when her breath became ragged, Daniel released a moan.

“I’m enjoying getting to watch how you quiver when I fuck you with this,” he said. “I wish you could see how lovely you are. Your breasts are so full, and your belly practically heaves with your breath. You know your thighs are shaking?”

Yes indeed, she did.

He jammed the dildo inside her again, this time leaving it planted.
“I want to feel you,” she whispered. She loved her toys, and they’d gotten her through all this time away—but she wanted Daniel inside her now. He had to be a part of this.

“You will,” he said.

Then he turned on one of her vibrators.

Jennifer clenched around the dildo as he pressed the vibrator against her swollen bud, using his other hand to wedge the toy still inside her. She moaned and shoved herself down, loving the combination she’d tried so many times on her own. Daniel had picked her favorite vibe, too—the one that went from low to high with an easy flick of the wrist, its special jelly tip practically molding to the shape of her clit. He rubbed it over her, then began sliding the dildo in
and back out. She wanted him in its stead, but deep inside, her orgasm built—the thundering presence held back despite all of Daniel’s moves, sweet words, and caresses.

“How does that feel, baby?”

She could tell he’d propped himself on his knees to balance, the bed wobbling as he worked the dildo inside her and wiggled his wrist so the vibrator directly tickled her clit. She heard the crinkle of a wrapper and she trembled, aching to feel him.

“Oh God it feels so good. Please, please.” She gritted her teeth. “Fuck me, Daniel.”

“Open your eyes,” he said.

She did. Daniel hovered over her, the muscles of his arms flexing as he pumped the dildo and whisked over her swollen bead with the vibrator. He bit his lip as he manipulated her, his wrapped cock now at full attention a few inches from her thigh.

“Please,” she whispered.

He drew the dildo from her pussy, the rubber slick with her wetness. He tossed it aside but kept the vibe against her clit, flicking it back and forth and sliding his length closer to her opening. She writhed to meet him and Daniel continued to tease, taking light grazes with his crown to make her whimper. Jennifer clawed at his sides, trying to urge him forward, and he folded over her for a heavy kiss before positioning himself square with her cunt.

“Ready?” he said.


Daniel thrust then, so firm in comparison to the dildo. He sank far deeper than the plastic rod, his girth magnificent and filling, and drawing a loud cry from her lips. He grunted and pounded into her, continuing to rub the vibrator over her clit. The orgasm that had teased her for so long snuck closer, warning her of its onslaught in a spray of goosebumps that lined her arms and legs. Deep inside, she felt that spark—exactly where he touched and probed, working her into a frenzy that made her arch to meet him.

“You feel so good!” Jennifer gasped.

Daniel plundered her mouth with another kiss, then sucked in a breath as he drove into her again. “I’m still not coming. Not yet. You first.” He plunged again, hard, and Jennifer threw her head back as the sensation took over, a rolling crescendo that made her scream.

“Yes!” Her thighs shook as he pressed into her and Jennifer could no longer see or hear, her mind filling with the intensity that Daniel’s eager thrusts brought to her. She groaned and bucked against him, and he swiped the vibrator faster against her clit until she cried, “Oh God yes, yes, yes!”

When she jerked, Daniel countered her in a skillful ride, his free hand gripping her hips, and then her breasts. Jennifer’s orgasm came overwhelming and sweet, ripping through her like a tornado and making her moan so loud she thought she’d deafened herself. As she settled into the feeling, all the worries she’d had washed away until she lay panting beneath him.

Daniel slowed, then lodged himself as deep as he could go while her muscles still
spasmed around him. He hadn’t moved the vibrator, and as it kept right on buzzing over her clit, he stared down at her with a beaming smile.

“You are fucking hot,” he said.

She giggled. “So are you.”

He shifted inside her and she jumped. “I’m not done with you, though.”

“No?” Jennifer put her hands over her cheeks, both of them hot and tingling from the solid minute she’d stopped breathing. The vibrator against her clit still felt so good, as did Daniel’s throbbing cock inside her.

“Definitely not.” He eased out and slid roughly in, panting as he tried to hold back. When he rubbed her with the vibrator again, she felt her second climax take root, coming out of nowhere and making her cry as she shoved herself up to meet him. Daniel lost his control then, biting her shoulder as he sped his pace inside her.

“Jennifer…” he moaned, and as he drove forward she shuddered, the wave of pleasure hardly giving her time to breathe.

“Oh, Daniel!”

He groaned and rode her excitement. Jennifer clawed her hands down his sides, feeling the vibration from the toy all the way into her core as he slammed, retreated, and forced himself inside her again. Finally he filled her with one loud moan and Jennifer sighed with the movement, her body completely weak. Daniel fell over her and buried his lips in her hair.

“Wow.” Between them, the vibrator continued to buzz. It had rolled slightly off to the side at an angle that rubbed against both of their hips. A grin spread over Jennifer’s face as she realized what had happened.

“That was amazing,” she said.

Daniel lifted himself, his face red and his breathing still precarious. He kissed her mouth, her cheeks, and then her forehead. Slowly he drew himself away, and a pout touched her lips.

“Yes, it was,” he said. He turned off the vibrator, then held it in front of her. “This, all of it, was beautiful. I’m hooked.”

They lay still for a few minutes, Daniel resting the vibrator on her chest as he stared into her eyes. When they calmed, he picked it up again and tapped it against her sternum.

“You know, I’m not sure about the rest of the contents of the box.”

“What do you mean?”

Daniel ran the vibrator in small circles down her belly until it rested against her opening.

“I mean,” he said, smiling, “I’m not sure how they all work for you.”

Jennifer gasped.

“Guess we better start working through the rest of the box.”




Jade A. Waters is a fiction writer, poetess, and voice-over artist in California. Her short erotic fiction and poetry has been featured in publications by Cleis Press, Coming Together, Fuse Literary, Cosmopolitan UK, and Stupid Fish Productions, including Best Women's Erotica of the Year (Vol. 1), Best Erotic Romance of the Year, and Best Women's Erotica 2014. Her stories have also been narrated on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast, and her Lessons in Control trilogy is available from Carina Press. Find out more about Jade on her website or visit her on Twitter and Amazon.

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