perfect for… your first vibrator

The easy-to-use Mimi vibrator comes programmed with a wide range of intensities, making it ideal for first timers who want to start on a lower setting and build up to what feels best. The egg-shape design helps you keep a grip when things get slippery and provides plenty of rumbling surface area to play around with. For more targeted vibrations, turn the Mimi on its side and use the slimmer, rounded edge to give you pin-pointed specificity wherever you want it. 


perfect for… on-the-go pleasure

Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up when you least expect it. That’s where the Bam Mini Bullet comes in. It’s tiny, quiet, and discreet enough to join the regulars in your everyday bag. Slip it out when in need of some pin-pointed vibrations or gift it to that friend who says they’re always busy. They’ll thank you later.


perfect for… doing it all

Looking for G-spot stimulation? Plenty of vibration settings? Remote control action? Check, check, and check. The versatility of the Rave is limited only by your imagination. Utilize its full length for deep internal stimulation or stick to the tip for targeted vibrations. The ergonomic design makes for a comfortable and fulfilling experience you’re sure to love.


perfect for… intense clitoral stimulation

If clitoral stimulation is your thing, then the Sona Cruise is for you. This toy uses sonic wave technology to reach 75% more of your clitoris than other vibrators. How? Sonic pulses, baby, which penetrate deep to reach parts of the clitoris that you can’t physically touch. The sensation is intense and we recommend starting on the lowest setting to see how it feels. If you struggle to orgasm (which is completely normal and common!), this one might be worth a try.

perfect for… a strong pelvic floor

The Luna Beads Mini were designed to give your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles a workout. This exercise, known as Kegels, causes these muscles to contract and strengthen. Kegel exercises have been attributed to a variety of benefits, from increasing blood flow to the vagina and more intense orgasms, to lessening urinary incontinence and pain during sex.

This system has four balls that you can mix and match to get the desired weight you’re looking for. We recommend starting with the lightest and gradually increasing with time. As with all workouts, take a break if the intensity gets too high – otherwise your muscles may get sore.