6 areas of sexual wellness:


  • 44% of those surveyed find it difficult to reach orgasm
  • 3% of those surveyed have never had an orgasm

Struggling to orgasm is common and could be due to a range of physical, emotional, or psychological reasons including:

  • not enough clitoral stimulation
  • medication
  • more lubrication needed
  • hormonal changes
  • anxiety

Intimacy with a partner

  • 60% want better communication
  • 27% want to be having more sex
  • 20% want to try new things when it comes to sex


“I want more spontaneous and exciting physical time with my partner.”

“I’m pretty vanilla in my sex life. So anything to spice it up a bit!”

“When in a relationship, I was frustrated that I was more interested in trying new things. I want to open up communication so we can improve our sexual relationship.”


14% of those surveyed want to improve their confidence

One way to improve confidence is to get to know yourself

  • Explore your body physically and visually – grab a hand mirror and take a look

  • Try new types of products to find what feels good

Painful sex

38% of those surveyed regularly experience painful sex

“When sex is painful usually I try to switch the position. If that doesn’t work then I’ll stop.”

Sex can be painful for a variety of reasons, including:

  • depth or angle of penetration
  • more lubrication needed
  • hormonal changes causing vaginal dryness
  • underlying medical condition


“Since having a baby, sex has been more painful than usual. We’re working on easing back into things and are trying to find new ways to get each other going so  things are a little more enjoyable.”


There are many factors that can affect sex after pregnancy:

  • Tender, shortened, or irritated pelvic floor muscles
  • Thinner vaginal wall due to lower estrogen levels
  • Less natural lubrication, especially if breast-feeding

Sex Drive

23% of those surveyed find it difficult to get in the mood

“The biggest barrier to my sex drive is when I’m feeling anxious
and I may take a bit more warming up”

How our readers get in the mood: