7 Types of Vibrators for Self-Pleasure

By Angela Kempf

Sex tech has developed to the point where vibrators abound for every size, shape, and interest. So, how do you select the best vibrators for you? The first thing you’ll want to think about is which kind of stimulation you like. Let’s talk about seven types of vibes, how to know if you’ll like the stimulation they generate, and how to use vibrators of each type.

Kip by Dame Clitoral Vibrator

Kip by Dame Clitoral Vibe

Clitoral Vibrator

What It Is: Clitoral vibrators comprise an umbrella category, which encompasses several types of vibrators. The distinguishing factor is that they are primarily for external use and designed for effective use on the clitoris.

How to Use It: Clitoral vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Find one that is easy to hold, turn it on, and apply pressure wherever you want to experience pleasure. Test it out on different settings, vibration patterns, pressures, and ways to hold it. Make sure the vibrator is charged and clean before you start and you’ll be ready to go!

You’ll Like This If: You have a clitoris. Seriously. They’re the best.

Try the: Kip by Dame. This rechargeable clitoral vibrator has a flutter tip so you can play with different sensations and pressures on the clitoris; plus, it’s the perfect choice for your first vibrator purchase. Try each of the five speeds to determine if you like stronger or lighter sensations.

Lelo Sona Cruise Suction Vibrator

Lelo Sona Cruise Suction Vibrator

Suction Vibrator

What It Is: This vibrator feels like it’s from the future. Using contactless stimulation, suction vibrators create pulsing waves. But just because it’s touch-free doesn’t mean it’s not intense—it is. Suction vibrators mimic the sensation of oral sex and are some of the best vibrators on the market for quick and powerful orgasms.

How to Use It: Suction vibrators have a small nozzle that you place around your clit. Turn that sucker on, and voila! The pleasure comes in waves. The tricky part about suction vibes is finding the right angle. So, the first time you give it a try, tweak your positioning until it feels exactly right. If you are extremely sensitive, use it over your underwear until you get used to the stimulation.

You’ll Like This If: You like oral sex.

Try the: Sona Cruise by Lelo. This suction vibrator helps you connect with all parts of the clitoris—internal and external. With eight different settings, you’re sure to find suck-cess. Looking for a more approachable price point? The VeDO Suki offers a more compact version. 

Bam Mini Bullet Vibrator

Bam Mini Bullet Vibrator

Bullet Vibrator

What It Is: Bullet vibrators are easy to identify, as they are bullet shaped. Some are small enough to be mistaken for lipstick, but the size varies by brand. Handy for travel and more powerful than they look, bullets are the best vibrators for busy people on-the-go.

How to Use It: Made for external stimulation, most bullet vibrators are simple to operate. An on/off switch, some simple settings, and a charge cord are the only things you’ll need to navigate.

You’ll Like This If: You like small, portable, quiet-but-powerful vibes.

Try the: Bam Mini Bullet by VeDO. It’s on the affordable end of body-safe vibrators, comes in multiple colors, and is perfect for life on the road.

Le Wand Petite Rose Gold Vibrator
Le Wand Petite Rose Gold Vibrator

Wand Style

What It Is: Wands are the Rolls Royces of vibrators. They typically have a long handle that stores a powerful motor, and the length makes the wand easy to grasp from a distance. These massagers are great for any erogenous zone you’re looking to explore.

How to Use It: Wands are solely for external use. Some plug into the wall and others hold a charge.

You’ll Like This If: You’ve had trouble orgasming in the past—wands are the best vibrators in this case because of the wallop they pack. They work, and they work quickly, so buckle up.

Try the: Petite Massager by Le Wand. This wand vibrator is a stunner in trendy rose gold, and the petite size makes for easy storage.

Yumi Finger Vibrator

Yumi Finger Vibrator

Finger Vibrator

What It Is: Finger vibrators are wearable, meaning you put them on your fingers before getting started. Many are on the smaller side, making them the best vibrators for both solo and coupled play. They often come in cute, discreet shapes that don’t scream “sex toy!” which is handy if you have nosy relatives or roommates. 

How to Use It: Fit the vibrator on or in between your fingers, and find your perfect setting. The vibe itself is meant for external play, but what you do with the rest of your fingers is up to you.

You’ll Like This If: You like versatile stimulation. Tiny and quiet, finger vibes are perfect for clit, nipple, or general massage stimulation.

Try the: Yumi Finger Vibe by VeDO. Bonus: it’s waterproof, so schedule a nice long bath!

We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Vibrator

We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrator

What It Is: G-spot vibrators are great for internal stimulation. If you don’t know where your G-spot is, this is the toy that can help you find it. Before purchasing, play around to ensure you like internal stimulation.

How to Use It: Pick out your favorite body-safe lube that works with toys (pro tip: never use silicone lube with silicone toys!). Then, use this vibe internally. If you’re a newbie, go slow. Experiment with just a little bit at a time to get used to the sensation.

You’ll Like This If: You like internal stimulation more than clitoral.

Try the: Serenity by Wonderlust. The price point is perfect for those who aren’t sure yet if an internal G-spot vibrator is the right choice for them. Already know you love this style? Then the We-Vibe Rave is our choice for power and design.

We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator

What It Is: Rabbit vibrators gained widespread notoriety after their cameo on Sex and the City. These vibes have two “ears,” one each for internal and external stimulation.

How to Use It: The bigger of the ears is for internal stimulation, while the external “ear” is usually a clitoral or suction vibrator.

You’ll Like This If: You want the best of both worlds when it comes to sexual stimulation.

Try the: Rockie by VeDO. With plenty of settings and ready for fun in the water, there’s nearly nothing you can’t do with this vibrator. If you’re for an upgrade or more power wrapped up in a sleek design, try the We-Vibe Nova 2.

Je Joue Mimi General Massager Vibrator


General Massager

What It Is: Wand massagers were originally marketed as general massagers due to cultural discomfort with sex toys. The truth is, many vibrators can double as general massagers, too. Smaller vibes will provide the tickly-sensation that is best for sensitive areas, while heavy-duty vibrators like wands can help release muscle tension.

How to Use It: General massagers are all about versatility. Try them everywhere, and see where the sensation feels best.

You’ll Like This If: You want a sex toy that works for asexual partners, or you just feel like occasional muscle pampering in addition to erotic play.

Try the: Mimi by Je Joue for intoxicating, pulsing pressure.

Choosing the Best Vibrators

Though there are more categories of vibrators to choose from, now you have a starting point for finding your perfect match. If you’re still unsure which type is the best vibrator for you, take the product quiz. And remember, no matter which vibrator you select, when you shop at MMURE, you can rest easy that your choice is body-safe.


Angela Kempf is a Denver-based writer whose sex education and travel writings have been published on a number of notable online publications. She can most often be found with her nose in a book, eating tacos, or writing feminist erotica.