MMURE is a sexual wellness company

Our story

It's no secret that we live in a society that hypersexualizes women but rejects female pleasure. From abstinence-focused sex ed to single purpose gynecologist visits (I'd like some birth control please), the concept of pleasure is left almost entirely out of conversations surrounding sex. 

We wanted to build a place where pleasure and overall wellness could come together in a space that is free from stigma or shame. A place for you to explore what feels good. 

Why sexual wellness?

We know that sex can improve your self-confidence, physical health, and emotional well-being. 

Improving your sexual wellness is about understanding your unique needs and how they connect to your overall health. For some, this could mean relieving pain, dealing with trauma, or connecting more deeply with your partner. You deserve pleasure and we want to help you get there. 

MMURE | Why Sexual Wellness
MMURE | Our Mission

Our mission

Great sex starts with fostering a positive relationship between your body and your self. Wherever you are on your journey, our mission is to help you feel more empowered and connected.

And, of course, have great sex.

What You'll Find at MMURE

feel good products

Sex toys and products have the power to transform your sexual experiences by discovering new or different ways you can feel pleasure. Introducing toys and products can heighten your sex life both solo or with a partner.

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Sexy Stories

Stories are the best way to learn because we internalize their subconscious cues, which shifts our behavior. When reading our sexy stories, this effect is magnified and is guaranteed to get you in the mood.

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insights on sex

Articles written by sexual wellness experts helping customers stay educated on the most important sexual information, to dissect some of the biggest myths, and target some of the biggest challenges.


Our Standards


We’re committed to all-natural ingredients and materials that are BPA-free and made only of top of the line, non-porous silicone.


We care about the products that come into contact with our bodies. If it doesn't pass our quality and safety standards, you won't find it here.


Rechargeable products keep pesky batteries out of landfills and last longer than their cheaper counterparts. Because quality matters.

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our values


The most common themes in erotica heighten gender stereotypes, show conflicting examples of consent, and reinforce rape myth acceptance, including violence against women. We use leading psychological research to only share stories that promote positive behaviors and messages around sex and relationships. 1, 2, 3


We’re women-owned and support other womxn-owned businesses both in the stories we promote, the writers we feature, the products we stock, and the organizations we partner with.


The FDA doesn’t regulate sex toys. We do. We only stock items that have been vetted for safety, quality, and design. We’re committed to all-natural ingredients and materials that are phthalate-free, BPA-free, and made only of the highest quality non-porous silicone.

data driven

We love research and we think there should be more of it when it comes to female pleasure and sexuality. Whenever possible, we look to the science when making content and product decisions.

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