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Afternoon to Myself

By Emily Karen

She realized it was time to stop reading when she scanned the same paragraph for the fourth time. 

In a few hours she needed to get ready for tonight, but right now she wanted to relish the simple pleasures of the afternoon to herself. Her favorite candle, almost empty, bathed the room in scents of sandalwood, vanilla, and amber. 

She put the book down and took in the room around her. 

4:12pm and the soft afternoon light looked like something out of a movie – casting long, glowy beams around her space. 

She worked hard and her room was a reflection of that, curated over time to suit her tastes. It certainly looked different four years ago when she first moved to the city. Did she even have a bed frame then?

She ran her hands over her chest, her skin naked and warm under the fluffy comforter. She took her time, appreciating every curve. Her thighs, thick and firm. The result of long days on her feet. Her stomach, not as firm. The cornerstone of her relationship with her body over the years. It had taken time to get to this point. There was unlearning to do. But now? She respected herself and her body in ways she hadn’t understood before. She relished the opportunity to worship her growth. There was a trail of bumpy skin along her right hip, leading into her butt. She ran her fingers along that too, before gently caressing her way to the spot between her legs. 

She looped lazy circles, enjoying the growing sensation between her thighs. Her middle finger slipped lower, catching a trail of wetness that she brought back to her clit, allowing her fingertips to glide effortlessly as she continued circling. 

Her middle finger slipped again, this time entering her, before she pulled it out slowly. Again. And again. She was turned on, taking her time. Growing wetter with each stroke. Two fingers in her now. Pumping. She changed up the angle with each movement – searching for the spots that felt right, right now. 

She used her free hand to scoop her vibrator from her nightstand drawer, the one that fit easily in her palm. Two quick clicks and it rumbled to life. She closed her eyes and ran it along her breasts, her nipples, never stopping the work between her legs. Her body felt electric. When she brought the vibrator down to her clit she immediately felt on the edge of orgasm. She kept herself there, slowing down her fingers, letting the vibrator take center stage. She indulged a few glides down her slit, before she brought her vibrating palm back to her clitoris. Up and down. Her grip stayed relaxed while her muscles tensed. She maneuvered the toy easily over her body, teasing herself.

When she was ready, she slipped her fingers back inside and stroked herself, hard and fast, building momentum. Building pressure. She pressed firmly on her clit with her other hand, let the buzzing intensify everything. She could feel herself coming and circled the vibrator harder. Faster. Until – finally – she toppled over the edge and let every twitch, tense, grip, and sound go. 


She was loud and writhed wildly through the orgasm and she loved it. Loved letting her body’s carnal instincts take over. Loved herself.

When it was over, she rolled onto her side and curled into a ball under her comforter. Tired in the best way, she hugged herself and watched the sun continue to cast its lazy beams through her window.


Emily Karen

Emily is a feminist accountant who loves sharing her sex-positive stories with the world.

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