How The Eva II Vibrator Brought a Healthy Curiosity to My Sexual Exploration

By Sam Bruce

A Healthy Curiosity 

Let me begin by saying, I am often the friend my loved ones go to when in need of a certain type of pick-me-up. I graduated from college with a degree in Gender and Sexuality studies, which for many people means having a well-rounded knowledge of the feminist movement and its applications in the contemporary job landscape. While this is true for me, it also means that I spent time studying pornography, sexual pleasure, and yes... sex toys - all kinds of types for all kinds of people. I was interested in exploring the ways different types of people experienced being in a body and the different ways they related to their gender, sexuality, and presentation. I have a well-rounded curiosity and diverse understanding of sex toys and what they can do for each of our unique desires. 

When one Discovery Leads to Another 

My curiosity about sexual pleasure and its ever-widening possibilities doesn’t end with sex toys. As an avid reader, I was always interested in young adult novels like The Hunger Games and Twilight not only because of the strong female leads and magical worlds but because of the romance in the books that were my original rom-com obsessions. As I matured, I desired something a little...more. Literotica was a great way for me to explore my sexuality without watching porn, a film industry that at a young age caused me to have impossibly high standards about my body and my sexual veracity. Years later, I first became familiar with MMURE because of their dynamic Literotica section. As a queer person, it can be hard to find queer erotica without it being objectifying to my experience, and MMURE was able to offer stories that worked for me. When I realized that MMURE also had sex toys, I knew I had to try them. 

Fondness for Fantasy 

This of course led me to the Eva II. As someone who is curious and well versed in the different types of things a vibrator can do, the Eva II was a product that looked like nothing I had ever tried before. I am a queer woman in a relationship with a non-binary AFAB person, and we definitely have our expanse of toys that allows us to experiment with the different types of sex we have always craved. Being in a sexually open, communicative, and experimentive relationship means that I can bring up new toys with my partner and see if something sparks their interest. With the Eva II, our curiosities were peaked by the possibility of having a vibrator that could potentially work for both of us, while one person wore a strap-on to penetrate the other. Having sexual stimulation on both of our clitorises at the same time can sometimes feel like a game of twister, and now this occasionally awkward longing could be fulfilled by a toy. 

Practice Makes Perfect

In the beginning, it took a second to learn how to get the Eva II to stay on correctly, which makes sense. With any new toy, there’s a natural learning curve. Once we were ready to try it, it took a moment to figure out how the toy would work for my body. I would suggest trying out the Eva II by yourself first before introducing it to a two-person dynamic. This way you can figure out how to place it (in a sexy way) without it falling. With any level of friction and movement, things will shift around, but knowing which positions will work for you ahead of time may up your smoothness factor when playing with the EVA II. 

That being said, once we figured out how to work this in one position, the options were pretty unlimited. Not only was it fun to live out our fantasy of stimulated penetration, we also learned that it can be a fun tool before everyone’s clothes are off. Having a toy that can casually stimulate one person as they play with their partner has been a very sexy new addition to our foreplay. The beauty of trying a new toy that is shaped unlike other things I have tried before is discovering new possibilities with my partner, and finding new ways to increase the pleasure in positions we have either grown bored of or always wanted to try. 

Travel Ready 

The size of the Eva II and the traveling case it comes with has created some pretty steamy situations. On Valentines Day I was able to tuck it discreetly in my purse to bring over to their place later that night. And on a weekend away, I didn’t need to worry about my carry-on bag being checked at the airport. Also, its multiple speeds have allowed for further experimentation, and the ability to up the ante on one another as things progress. 

Finishing Remarks 

Having a broad knowledge of sex toys doesn’t at all mean I am an expert in everything on the market, but it does mean I understand the benefits of having such a wide array of toys to explore my sexuality with. Being queer, it can sometimes feel like toys designed for vaginas are primarily made for heterosexual couples. Although the Eva II is largely marketed towards heterosexual cisgender couples, after some experimenting I can say that it works for queer couples as well. The Eva II can be the cherry on top of many sexual fantasies, and I’m excited to try out what else the company has to offer. I have learned that buying new sex toys can satiate a healthy curiosity, and after trying the sex toy quiz on MMURE’s website... well let’s just say there’s no finishing what kind of exploration can happen.


About the Author

Sam Bruce is a Brooklyn based journalist interested in the intersections of queerness, community, and music. When she’s not writing about queer experiences, Sam’s working at a record label, taking photos, and interviewing local musicians. You can find her writing at The Family Reviews, Audiofemme and other music & queer related publications.