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Danita & Sasha: Truth or Dare

By Patricia Marie

Danita wrapped up the interrogatories she had been tirelessly working on so she could have a few minutes to herself before her consultation at 4:30 that afternoon. She looked at her watch – she had about 15 minutes, the perfect amount of time to catch up on her favorite gossip blog.

Just as she was in the midst of a juicy story about a scandal involving one of her favorite Housewives’ characters, the firm’s receptionist, Roslyn, buzzed her phone.

“Your 4:30 is here, Ms. Clarke.”

“OK, thanks, Roslyn. You can send her in.” Danita closed out the windows on her computer and pulled out her legal pad. She always took notes by hand when meeting new clients. Even though it was old-school and she would end up transcribing them into the computer anyway, she felt that it gave clients a more personal touch and made them feel like she was giving them her undivided attention.

McKinney & Stevens was a large IP firm, so Danita appreciated that the partners allowed her to take her own small business clients on the side. This way, she could have more interaction with individuals and not just push papers for huge corporations all day.

Danita heard a faint knock on the door to her office. “Come in,” she said.

Moments later, a stunning woman with intense, deep brown eyes and crimson red lips walked in. In contrast to the vibrant color on her lips, the woman wore a tan jumpsuit and simple brown sandals. She didn’t wear any jewelry but her tightly coiled hair framed her face in such a way that made it the perfect accessory.

Danita stood up and shook the young woman’s hand, “Hi, I’m Danita and you must be Sasha.”

Sasha shook Danita’s hand and smiled. “Hi Danita, it’s so nice to meet you.”

Sasha’s voice had a low, measured tone. The way she spoke was as if she embodied many dimensions that created tension inside of her.

“Have a seat and tell me a little bit about why you came in today,” Danita said, motioning to the chair in front of her desk.

Sasha explained that she was a writer and that she wanted an attorney in her corner to help her with the ins and outs of intellectual property and copyrights.

As Sasha spoke in her hushed tone, Danita couldn’t help but feel like she needed to know everything about her – she wanted to be the one to reach into the depths of who she was. Danita wanted to discover what made her laugh aloud, what music she listened to on long drives, what made her excited, what provoked her.

Danita tried to stay on task and give Sasha a quick overview of her services. But she was becoming truly mesmerized by the slight dimple in Sasha’s right cheek that appeared when she grinned and the way her handful-sized breasts peeked out of the scoop neck of her jumpsuit.

As the consultation was drawing to a close and Danita printed out a retainer agreement for Sasha to take home and look over, Danita knew she had to see this woman again. Sure, she would see her again if Sasha decided to hire her, but there was no guarantee of that.

Danita handed Sasha the agreement and made a game-time decision to take a chance. “Sasha, I have a friend who organizes a conference for Black women creatives and entrepreneurs. It’s next Saturday and I have an extra ticket. Do you want to come? It would be a great networking opportunity,” she said casually. Danita couldn’t read the expression on Sasha’s face so she added, “No pressure. I figured I’d mention it just in case you were interested.”

Sasha looked at Danita and, just as she’d hoped, her dimple resurfaced, “Sure, that sounds great. Send me all the details and I’ll be there.”


The following Saturday, the two women met in front of the convention center a few minutes before the first panel, “Going for It: How to Venture Out and Make your First Pitch”, was to begin. Once in Sasha’s presence again, Danita was surprised at how her heartbeat quickened at the mere sight of her.

They hugged a greeting and if Danita didn’t know any better, she would have thought she felt Sasha hold on to her for a few moments longer than was usually considered polite. Sasha smelled like lavender and the feel of her soft, warm body pressed against her made Danita want to be anything but polite. Danita prayed she could keep her composure the rest of the day. After all, Sasha was still a potential client so she had to maintain her integrity.

For the next few hours, Sasha and Danita sat in on almost all of the panels and shared ideas with each other about their dreams of turning their passions into purpose. Sasha spoke excitedly about wanting to make it onto the New York Times Bestseller’s list and Danita shared her dream of helping creative entrepreneurs get a leg up by teaching them the legal aspects of business.

As they talked, Danita soaked up everything Sasha had to say. She spoke about writing with genuine eagerness and such enthusiasm that it stirred up Danita’s own feelings about starting her consulting firm. She loved how sure of herself Sasha was and noted that although she was slightly withdrawn when it came to other things, she was an open book when it came to her drive and determination.

Sasha gently touched Danita’s shoulder for emphasis and listened to her intently while she shared her business ideas. Their meeting of the minds was coupled with the awesome time they had pulling each other from vendor to vendor and making connections with other enterprising women. By the time the conference was over, they felt like they had spent a fun-filled day with a good friend, not six long hours at a business conference.

“It’s so good to be able to talk to someone who understands and legitimately values what I do. You don’t know how many times I’ve had to hear people tell me that I need to find a more stable career. It’s to the point where I don’t even tell people what I do anymore. I figure, when I publish my first book, it will speak for itself,” Sasha said thoughtfully.

“You mean when you make it onto the New York Times Bestseller’s list.”

“Yeah… Exactly,” Sasha said, smiling broadly and shyly playing with a strand of her hair.

“Hey, you want to grab something to eat?” asked Danita, sincerely hoping Sasha didn’t have any plans and that she wasn’t pressing her luck.

“Sure, I’m starving. Let’s get out of here.”


Danita took Sasha to a nearby Mexican restaurant where they ate lots of tacos, washed them down with a few margaritas, and enjoyed more laughs together.

As they shared dessert, Danita caught Sasha looking at her seriously. “What are you thinking about – it looks like your wheels are turning,” Danita asked her.

“Just admiring how beautiful you are. I’ve been wanting to say that to you all day but, you know, I didn’t want to overstep. Plus, I didn’t want to assume anything…”

“There’s nothing wrong with a little line-stepping sometimes,” Danita said as she placed her hand on Sasha’s tentatively. She continued, “Especially when I have been wanting to tell you the same thing the minute you stepped into my office last week.”

“Oh, really?” Sasha’s dimple peeked out of hiding.

“Yes. You know what else I wanted to tell you?” Sasha opening up to her made Danita feel even braver.


“That I really hoped I could get to know you more. I guess I got my wish because today was a great start. What do you think?”

“I think it was an amazing start.” 

Danita tried to contain the bubbly feeling rising from her toes to her belly. Most of the day, she had been preoccupied with the thought of kissing Sasha until they both forgot they were nearly strangers. But, in reality, they had just met and she didn’t want her own desire for an authentic connection to get in the way of something that could grow organically. Most importantly, she didn’t want to misrepresent her intentions, even if she wasn’t 100% sure of what they were herself.

Danita pulled her hand away but looked at Sasha and grinned slyly. “Let’s play a game.”

After some convincing on Danita’s part, they played an exhilarating game of Truth or Dare where they ended up telling each other the most ridiculous lies they’d ever told, their favorite sexual fantasies, and their most embarrassing childhood memories just so that they wouldn’t have to perform any crazy dares in public. They laughed until their stomachs hurt and promised to pick only dares next time.

After they left the restaurant, Danita said, “I parked about a block away. Where are you headed?”

“To the C train, uptown,” Sasha answered.

Danita thought she caught a glimmer of longing in Sasha’s eyes so she decided to go for it. “It’s kind of late. I’m headed in that direction, I can give you a ride home if you want.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to,” Sasha said politely.

“It’s totally fine, I want to.”

“OK, only if you’re not going out of your way.”

“Promise,” Danita said and held out her pinky to offer a pinky swear. Sasha laughed and linked her pinky with Danita’s.

On the drive, Danita thought about how much they had learned about each other but that Sasha still was a mystery she wanted to solve. Sasha was the type of person that wasn’t deliberately closed off but did need some encouragement to open up. Danita knew that despite her own tendency towards self-preservation, this woman made her want to take risks and explore being vulnerable.

When they pulled up in front of Sasha’s apartment building, Sasha thanked Danita and said goodnight. But as she reached for the door handle, she looked back at Danita. “For some reason, I feel like don’t want this night to end.”

“Then I dare you not to let it end.”


Sasha used her key to let them into her apartment. “Excuse the mess. I didn’t expect company tonight,” she said and took Danita’s jacket.

“Don’t worry about it. Your place is beautiful.” It was beautiful but just needed a little straightening up. Danita kind of liked the fact that as composed as Sasha was, she wasn’t the type to refuse guests because her place wasn’t perfectly clean.

Sasha motioned for Danita to sit down on her plush sofa. “Do you want anything? I have water, tea, wine…”

“Water is fine.”

Sasha came back with two glasses of water and sat next to Danita. She frowned and turned to face her. “I’ve never done this before,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Done what?” Danita asked, trying not to show how much she wanted Sasha and hoped she was on the same page.

“Invited someone I just met to come home with me.”

“Is that what you did? I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Technically, I dared you to.”

“That’s true. Speaking of… should we finish our game?”

“Absolutely. I think it was your turn. And remember, dares only.”

“OK.” Sasha thought for a moment. “I dare you to let down your hair,” she boldly commanded.

Danita’s honey-blonde dreadlocks were up in a braided crown around her head. She gave Sasha a knowing smile. Danita was used to her hair being a source of fascination for people, so it wasn’t odd that this was Sasha’s first request. She began to slowly take it all down and let it hang loosely on her shoulders strand by strand. Danita could feel Sasha’s eyes on her.

“Your hair is gorgeous.”

“Thank you.” Danita smiled. “I guess it’s my turn… I dare you to come here.”

Sasha scooted closer to Danita until they were almost touching, “Like this?”

“Almost but not quite. More like this.” Danita grabbed Sasha around the waist and pulled her body towards her, their faces inches apart.

“OK… I dare you to kiss me,” Sasha purred.

Danita didn’t hesitate. She leaned in to kiss Sasha’s lips and inhaled her lavender scent. Sasha, abandoning the game, put her arms around Danita and kissed her back feverishly. Danita could sense some of that tension Sasha held inside being confronted then released.

They explored each other’s mouths, sharing soft pecks at first then finding a steady rhythm. Danita felt Sasha’s heart beating and her breathing getting heavier. She ran her fingers down the back of Sasha’s neck and down her spine. Sasha stroked Danita’s face and began to kiss her collarbone, then her neck, then her earlobes. With every kiss, Danita let out a little moan.

Sasha gently pushed Danita to sit back on the couch and then straddled her lap. She brushed her locks to the side and began caressing Danita’s lips with her own. Danita pulled Sasha’s shirt over her head and allowed Sasha to continue spoiling her with kisses while she unhooked her purple lace bra from the back.

Now that Sasha’s breasts were free, Danita took it upon herself to see if they really were a handful. Affirmative. She massaged Sasha’s breasts with both hands and leaned over to suck on her right nipple which was stiffening by the minute. Sasha threw her head back in pleasure when Danita ran her tongue around her taut brown nipple then slid it in and out of her mouth. She repeated the ritual on Sasha’s other breast while she arched her back, beckoning for Danita not to stop.

Danita didn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She rolled Sasha onto her back on the couch and started taking off her pants. “Is this OK?” she asked.

Sasha nodded, “But I want you naked too.”

Danita obeyed, unbuttoning her blouse then pulling off her pants, leaving only her bra and panties on.

Sasha looked her up and down, unable to hide her satisfaction with what she saw. “Don’t worry, I can help you with the rest.”

Danita took Sasha’s hands and brought them up to touch her body, “I would like that.”

Sasha sat up and removed Danita’s bra and panties. She kissed her stomach, nibbling her supple skin as she toured the rest of her body with her mouth. When she got to her breasts she paused and looked up at Danita, “These are almost as magnificent as your hair.”

Danita laughed and playfully swatted Sasha on her butt. “Your pants are still on and that wasn’t the agreement. Lay down.”

Sasha lightly pinched Danita’s nipples and obliged. Once they were both free of their clothes, Danita went straight for what she’d been yearning for. Sasha knew just what Danita wanted so she parted her thighs to invite her in. Danita looked at Sasha’s pussy and saw that it was glistening. She wanted to feel how wet she was so she placed her hand between Sasha’s legs and rubbed gently. Danita looked into Sasha’s eyes and began to pick up speed. Sasha’s dark brown eyes became hooded and she moaned and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them tightly. Her warm wetness dripped onto Danita’s fingers and she knew it was time to taste her captivating new friend.

Sasha’s pussy effortlessly mingled with Danita’s tongue as she lifted her hips up to meet it. Danita wanted to stay between Sasha’s thighs all night and drink her up till she came a thousand times. As she licked her, Sasha couldn’t contain her pleasure any longer and her legs began to shake. Danita held onto Sasha’s thighs and delved deeper into her pussy. She was devoted to unlocking all of this woman’s secrets, starting with this one. Danita pressed her tongue against Sasha’s clitoris and moved in a circular motion around it. She picked up her pace and felt Sasha’s body respond to her exactly how she intended. Suddenly, Sasha grabbed a handful of Danita’s hair and came with such a rush that her body convulsed in ecstasy.

Sasha lay on her couch panting, “I think I saw stars. Come here.”

Danita laughed smugly and leaned down to kiss Sasha’s sweet lips. Sasha kissed her back and sat up, motioning for Danita to sit back again. “It’s your turn to give me a dare. But there’s one catch. Whatever you dare me to do, you can’t move from this spot during the performance of my dare. Go.”

“Oh, so we’re adding stipulations now, huh?” Danita questioned playfully. “OK. I dare you to use one of your toys on me. I know you have at least one.”

Sasha laughed, “Alright, give me a minute.” She ran into her bedroom and returned with a discrete, little vibrator. “OK. Remember, you can’t move from this spot.”

“Can I touch you?”

Sasha thought about it for a moment. “Sure, I guess so. You ready?”


Sasha turned on the vibe and knelt down on the floor between Danita’s legs. She lifted Danita’s left leg up and positioned it on the couch so she could have easy access. Sasha got a better look at how plump Danita’s pussy was and she immediately got wet again. She put the vibe in her mouth for a few seconds to warm it up and then placed it against Danita’s clit. Danita exhaled in pleasure and began playing with Sasha’s disheveled curls while Sasha rubbed the vibrator against her slowly but steadily.

Danita eyes were closed and she was audibly enjoying herself but Sasha couldn’t take the anticipation of wondering what she tasted like any longer. “Damn, you look so sexy like that. Do you mind if I take over for the toy?”

“Oh, God yes. Please.” Danita thought she would never ask. The vibrator felt so good, especially because Sasha was on the other end of it but Danita couldn’t wait to feel Sasha’s beautiful mouth on her now throbbing pussy.

Sasha beamed and tossed her ever-loyal toy aside. She ate Danita’s pussy to her heart’s content, suckling her clit and letting Danita grind her face until she came, hard. Sasha, aroused again, straddled Danita and they went at it once more until they were spent. Eventually, they fell asleep, entwined in each other’s bodies.


A few hours later, Sasha woke up to an incessant buzzing. She looked at Danita. She was fast asleep. Sasha squirmed around until she found that the source of the vibrations was by her arm. She figured her toy must have reactivated. She rushed to find it so it wouldn’t wake Danita up. Sasha reached for the object and instead of her vibrator, she found a phone. It had stopped buzzing but lit up to read, “Missed Call: ‘Hubby’”.



Patricia Marie is a writer, an editor, and the founder of culture & lifestyle blog, The Glam Femme. In addition to writing queer, POC-focused contemporary fiction, Patricia enjoys creating erotic short stories that subvert cultural norms and thoughtfully promote diverse experiences and authentic voices.

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