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Let it Rain

By Ema Burner

The tent was built, but we were a half mile from our campsite. We watched the clouds roll in and cover the sun, and we were glad because it was sweltering outside. 

We decided to start heading back and were trekking down a steep hill when the sky opened up. We looked at each other, laughed and took off running as the rain poured down our faces, soaking my hair, and drenching our clothes. I was wearing a tight white t-shirt with no bra. The shirt I usually wear over it had been left behind because of the heat. Your t-shirt was already sticking to your skin, turning me on, and I knew I was going to be exposed in seconds. I got distracted by the water dripping off the brim of your hat, your arms, your chest, and I lost my footing and slid to the bottom of the hill. You are laughing too hard to stand upright and roll right down to the bottom with me. You come to a stop right next to me, dripping and laughing and soaked to the bone.

I lean back to push myself up and that is when you notice my skin through my shirt. You stop laughing and when I catch your eye I see that you have moved into a more serious, more hungry state of mind. You put your hand behind my head and hold my hair. You kiss me like you can’t avoid it. I taste the rain in your mouth. I feel the rain pour on us and the added sensations are turning on my whole body.  

Your chest in the tight shirt is making me crazy. I hop on top and straddle you, pushing your soaking wet body against mine. We are so close that even the tiniest drops of rain can’t permeate the space. Feeling your cold, hard nipples against me sends my mind racing. Normally you are warm and dry, so feeling your mouth, mixed with rain and your drenched body against me, is invigorating. 

The rain has turned something raw on inside you. You are hungry and unsatiated all of a sudden. You say you want to fuck me and as the rain pelts your face I tell you there is nothing I want more. You take hold of my shorts and roughly yank them off. I’m wearing tiny pink underwear that you have apparently decided can stay on. I reach over to take off your pants, but with my shaking hands I wasn’t moving fast enough, so you take them off yourself. You can’t wait. There is nothing careful about this. 

You lay me down on the wet grass that instantly soaks my back. I feel the rain pummel my chest and my thighs. The force of the rain is stimulating every inch of my body. I start to react before you even touch me. You cover me with your body and kiss me like you have been away from me for years. You are almost desperate to taste me. 

My hunger takes over and I am done letting your feast run the show. I need to taste you. I want to hear what happens when that kind of heat meets my hungry tongue. I flip you into the wet grass and slide you deep into my throat. I suck you down hard a few times, tasting your pre-cum. I slide you out of my throat and let the rain pour down on your rock hard cock. The juxtaposition of the heat of my mouth and cold of the rain is fucking with your brain. I alternate warming you with my mouth and playing with you so you can feel the cold of the rain. You are moaning and breathing like you can’t catch your breath. Every time I pull off, you gasp and every time I suck you back in, you growl.

All of a sudden, you feel my tongue flick your cock from the base to the head. The rain is dripping off my hair and the rain from the sky is hitting you everywhere. Stimulating everything. My ass is in the air, in tiny pink panties, dripping wet, not just from the condensation from the sky, for all the world to see. But they won’t. My ass is yours for now. I flip around and straddle you so you can watch the rain drip off my hair, down my back and into the back of my underwear while I ride you. I slide the underwear aside and shiver as my finger hits my clit. You hold your cock up as I lower my body on top of you. Water is flying as I ride you. My hair, my see-through shirt, the rain from the sky, it’s all causing a minor hurricane. 

I feel the tornado start to build inside me as you hit my g spot with every stroke. You can hear my moans over the rain and know I am close. You grab my hips hard and pull me down faster and faster until water is splashing for miles and I am screaming completely out of control. I am too focused on how intense you feel inside my pussy to wonder if there are other campers nearby hearing me, wondering if someone needs help. 

I drench your cock with my own juices and I have to taste us together. I hop off and drink you down. I swallow hard and you feel my throat squeeze.. I swallow again and the tightness on your cock is too much. You grab me, urgently, flip me on my hands and knees and enter me desperately. There is nothing else to call it, you just pound me. Fuck! The rain pouring down my back and splashing off my ass with every thrust… the feeling of your cock hitting every spot inside me… I was building fast and cumming in seconds. I am moaning and screaming and once the first orgasm hits, the others are only seconds apart in succession. Holy fuck! I am trying to control myself but my pussy is firing like electricity through my whole body. You feel me squeeze you over and over. You know I am cumming and you are ready to go. You yank me into you, faster, harder, hungry, wet. I am not sure how much more I can handle. It feels like my orgasm won’t end. I am at the peak of this mountain for what feels like minutes. I grab your hand on my hip. I can’t. I can’t catch my breath. Nothing else exists except you and me, the rain and our breathing. I hear you start to lose control, you moan deep and long and match the sounds with your thrusts. You pull me in hard and deliberately and I feel your cock explode inside me. My body reacts with a matching rhythm. 


I roll onto my back. I ignore the mud. The rain pulsing on my body is useless to rouse me. I am spent. 

You hardly move.

Finally, I sit up in my totally see-through shirt and my tiny soaked underwear and tap you and tell you to sit up. Standing, not 10 feet away from us, are 2 rangers, hard and shocked, coming to check if we were okay after hearing me call out. No one says anything. I don’t move to cover up and your body isn’t responding enough to put on your pants. One of the rangers breaks the silence and asks shyly… “You ok ma’am?”

You and I look at each other and can’t stop laughing. My modesty kicks in and I try to cover up. I thank them for their concern and stand to leave. You take off your shirt so I can wear it since we now have an audience. The Rangers wait for us to get dressed and drive us back to the campsite and as we get out of their jeep the shy one says “Ok now, stay out of trouble.”

When they are out of earshot, you turn to me, kiss my ear and whisper “They will be thinking about THAT for the rest of their lives.”

I smile at you and whisper back “So will I.”



Ema Burner is a first-grade teacher living in a rural town in Tennessee. She is a divorced mother of 4 and a fitness instructor. She enjoys karaoke, line dancing, rock climbing, and of course, sex.

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