Hot as Hell

By Ema Burner

It was hot as hell. We had been hiking in the middle of the day and the sun was beating down on us. We were sweating and tired.  

Down the side of a ledge we saw a ridge. It was deep and filled with water. We slid down the ridge and at the base of the stream you looked at me and took off your shirt.  I rolled my eyes at you. We were hot and sticky and I was NOT getting naked and getting in that water. 

You took off your pants and walked over to me. Your body was glistening from sweat and your arms and shoulders turned me on every time I saw them. You stepped into my space and I rolled my eyes again. But you weren’t convinced. 

You tugged at my shirt and swirled your thumb on my stomach and said into my ear, “I want to feel you soak me, even when we are in the water.” AH! I loved when you touched me and talked dirty to me. 

I leaned into you. How can you light me up like you do?! How do you have this power over me? I tell you to take off my shirt and after you do, I slide down my pants. I had nothing underneath. “I am all yours” I tell you. You hold me at arms length to look at me for a minute and then you scoop me up, walk over to the water and walk in with me in your arms. 

I’m not prepared for the cold water and I shriek as the water hits my back and ass. You are laughing at me. I smile and tell you to lower me slowly and let me get used to the water.  


You lower me gently and I feel cold water rush over my exposed skin. I kick and grab your shoulders as you lower me deeper and I feel water flood every opening. You kiss my mouth hard and you step deeper in the water. I have cold covering my stomach, my nipples, now rock hard, my legs, everywhere. I feel your enormous hands on my body,  calm but firm.  

You put me down and face me and pull my body against yours. The warmth and strength of your chest calms me and now all I can think about is having you inside me. 

I lift myself up into your arms and I tell you I need you now. You slide into me and slowly pull me up and down, out and in. The tornado builds inside me slowly. You are hitting every spot, but the rotation is too slow.  Every time I am right on the edge, you move on. Over and over you bring me right to the precipice and continue on your way.  I start to plead with you. Please! I’m right there. Just one more stroke. Just one more time. My whole body is on fire and I start to shake. If you weren’t holding me, my legs wouldn’t be able to support me. 

My breathing is ragged. I can’t catch my breath. I anticipate an orgasm and then you take it away! Over and over. I am trembling. . . I need you harder and faster I tell you.  

You want to say no. But you realize that as you’ve been building me into a hurricane,  you’ve lost all control of yourself. 

You grasp my hips and pound me like the devil. So hard and so fast that water is splashing up between us and I’m screaming out of control. I feel my whole body tighten and I’m quiet for a second because the intensity of it is too much. I scream out and you feel me cum all over you. I dig my nails into your back and my voice goes deep as you thrust harder and longer. I’m gone. My body is in constant explosions and hearing you moan over me is too much. Finally, you squeeze me tightly and I feel you shake hard.  You are so deep it borders on that perfect line between pain and pleasure. I feel you pulse inside me but the guttural sound you make throws me over the edge again.

It takes a solid 5 minutes to recuperate and catch our breath. But shit. It was hot as hell and you fucked me better than the devil himself.



Ema Burner is a first-grade teacher living in a rural town in Tennessee. She is a divorced mother of 4 and a fitness instructor. She enjoys karaoke, line dancing, rock climbing, and of course, sex.

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