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Sophie & Theo Pt 2: The Elevator

By Callisto Morgan

“Can’t we just expand? Make some additions to the hotel for more guests?”

Sophie Harrison had been sitting in this meeting for over an hour, with no end in sight. Solution after solution was met with a mountain of problems that couldn’t be fixed. The pictures and videos of the wedding that took place a few weeks ago had taken social media by storm, putting her hotel on the map as the destination resort of choice. As happy as that made her, the newfound success required a complete business plan restructuring and she didn’t have an immediate plan to address the exponential growth that was happening. 

Which is exactly what they were trying to fix at the meeting today with her staff. There was already a backlog of bookings all the way to December, and since the hotel wasn’t large enough to accommodate a lot of people at one time, Sophie feared that turning away customers or putting them on a waiting list would ultimately lead to more lost business in the end.

“We just finished building three months ago. Going back to the Bahamian government to ask for more land isn’t in the cards right now. And there’s the risk of over-expanding. Having more rooms doesn’t mean we’re going to keep them filled every season.” Sophie rubbed at her temples as she flipped through her financials over and over again. She knew the contents of them by heart, but she hoped that somehow a new solution would appear that she didn’t initially see. 

“What about… building on another island? We could get another permit…” Angela Peart, the head of housekeeping offered.

“We don’t have that kind of money to start building so soon. Everything is being poured back into the business to keep it running at optimal speed. Taking even a little bit of that away could have disastrous consequences.” 

Sophie peered at Theo through the fingers pressed to her forehead. He looked just as desperate and tired as she felt. Part of her was silently sending him an apology; this wasn’t what she’d wanted for him when he’d agreed to leave New York to work for her and be with her. Initially, everything had been set in place, ready for any issue that arose. How could she play catch-up with a scenario that wasn’t supposed to take place for another three or four years?

Looking around the room, she could tell that the rest of her staff were getting concerned too. The last thing they wanted to do was be in meetings all day, but that was looking more and more like the case if they couldn’t come up with a solution, and fast.

“Different packages…” a short stoutly man muttered as he scribbled on the notepad before him.

The room went dead silent.

“Excuse me?” Sophie inquired.

The man’s head shot up; he didn’t think anyone had heard him or was even paying attention to him. His name was Edward James and he was the newest customer service intern.

“I… uh… I was thinking to myself… what if we offered different packages to guests. Have like… micro-vacations of 3-4 days that are the cheapest, with a few added amenities like boat tours or scuba lessons… and then larger packages for those who want to stay longer with more additions? That would definitely help to get rid of the backlog, wouldn’t it?”

Sophie chewed on that for a while, jotting down notes as he spoke. The island her hotel was on was one of the smaller ones, but it was close enough that having trips to the other islands was definitely doable. The more she wrote down, the more her face lit up as Edward offered her idea after idea to help solve their problem. 

“Edward, this is a great idea!” Theo and Sophie looked at each other and smiled. It occurred to Sophie that while Edward’s idea was a great one, it shouldn’t have taken this long to get there. She definitely needed a good night's sleep to clear her head after this. 

Edward looked a little flustered by all the attention he was receiving but he beamed as the other staff members gave him a small round of applause. 

“We’ve been here long enough,” Sophie finally said as she stood from her chair and slid her papers into a manila folder. “We’ll have another meeting later this evening to go over the finer details of Edward’s idea and see where we can go from there. Thank you, everyone!”

Everyone left the room breaking off into different conversations, while Sophie and Theo stayed behind. Many of the staff surrounded Edward to give him a pat on the back for a job well done.

Adrenaline pumped through Sophie’s veins as she waited for her staff to leave the conference room. She could feel her heart rate spiking, creating a tingling sensation in her fingers and toes. She glanced over at Theo, who met her gaze with a wide smile on his face. He was feeling the same way. Electricity buzzed in the air around them, making the hairs on their arms stand on end with excitement.

“A good meeting, Mister Fletcher,” she teased as she held his hand.

“Indeed, Miss Harrison. Where are you headed now?”

Static electricity seemed to buzz between their touch, neither of them wanting to be the one to let go first.

“Back to my office. Are you headed that way?” Her grip grew tighter as she pulled him in a little closer. 

“As a matter of fact, I am headed that way.” He said with a grin.

Sophie playfully pretended to act surprised before finally letting go of his hand.

“Well, would you look at that coincidence…” She tucked her manila envelope under her arm and exited the conference room. The other staff was free to do what they liked for the rest of the day until the next meeting later that evening.

Theo quickly grabbed his briefcase and follow her out into the hallway. Whatever air had been buzzing around the meeting room was now trapped between them.

Once they stepped inside the elevator and the doors closed behind them, Theo was the one to push the button for the parking garage, several floors down.

“That was a great idea, wasn’t it…” Theo remarked, though his thoughts were somewhere else entirely. He leaned back against the back wall of the elevator with something of a sigh.

Sophie turned and stood before him, her legs on either side of his so that she was practically straddling his space.

She leaned closer, effectively pinning him against the wall of the elevator. She lightly tapped her manila envelope against his nose before taking his briefcase from his grasp.

Theo caught that look in her eye and leaned in closer so that his body was right up against hers. Sophie smirked at feeling his bulge against her thigh and matched speed with him as he continued to lean forward.

“I’ve got great ideas too, you know,” he whispered. Their noses were touching at this point, as he jabbed his thumb against the emergency button to stop the elevator in its tracks.

“But mine are more… spur of the moment, as they say.”

“Oh really?” She grinned. “Then I don’t think we have much time to discuss this before we’re… interrupted.” Sophie glanced up at the emergency lights going on overhead. This really was a silly stunt to pull at a time like this, but the adrenaline still running through her after that meeting was making her feel a little brash.

“To your spontaneity, how about I wager a little fun of my own?” With the manila folder and briefcase put aside, Sophie slipped her purse from her shoulder and dug around inside. A light hum emanated from the bag and got louder as she extracted what she was searching for.

“You…” He couldn’t help smiling in sheer surprise as he saw the small, u-shaped vibrator in her hand as well as a small remote. “You have been carrying that around all day?”

“Yes, this was going to be my stress reliever if the meeting went poorly.”

He gave her an intrigued stare.

“You know,” she mused slowly. “It is designed with two people in mind.”

“Is that so? Well, if that’s the case then I would love to see how it works” Theo smiled as she pressed the still-buzzing device into his hand. She worked at his belt with her free hand, letting the buckle clang against the wall of the elevator. The button and zipper came next, and she tugged his pants down to his knees. A small damp spot was already visible on his boxer-briefs, which made her smile even more. She plucked the toy from his palm, and his gaze followed her down, down, down, until her hand disappeared inside his underwear.

Theo’s eyes shut tight as she pressed the silicone toy against his testicles. The light vibration against his sensitive member almost sent him sprawling to the floor. He had to grab onto the handrail around the perimeter of the elevator to stop from falling. Sophie couldn’t help but smile at his reaction as she pressed the small vibrator closer to him.

“Want more?” she whispered, the tiny remote twirled between her fingers. She pressed the remote against his abdomen and slid it up to hand it to him.

Theo swallowed thickly as he gingerly took it from her hands and gripped it in his palm. He had no answer to give, but he didn’t dare change the setting to anything stronger. That would send him spilling over the edge before he was ready.

Watching his face flush with heat and sweat, Sophie used her free hand to part the simple seam of his underwear to find his girth beneath. It was swollen against her touch, and she could feel the light vibrations running through his length. That sparked a thought that created a tingle between her thighs,  Her hand dove past the waistband of her pants to find her outer lips. The gentlest touch was enough to steal her breath away, to strengthen the ache of her loins to the point of discomfort. She worked her touch against her sex, teasing out her slippery juices to lubricate her sensitive clit. It felt incredible. The floating feeling brought her gaze back up to watch Theo thrive and squirm under his own pleasure.

He was practically straining out of his underwear now, his hand on hers to guide the vibrator to the right places. His stomach would clench every time the toy found a new spot, and another drop of pre-cum would appear on the head of his penis. In the bright overhead light, it practically sparkled as it gathered into one large drop and ran down the side of his length.

Sophie wasn’t about to let it escape, however. She caught it on her finger and dragged it up to trace circles around the head of his cock, making it slick and glistening in preparation for her.

She undid her slacks with a shake of her head and wiggled her pants and underwear down. They were starting to feel confining as they stuck to her wet folds, peeling away from her sweaty, fevered skin. Theo gasped as Sophie removed the vibrator from around his cock and slipped the thinner side of it inside of her. She nestled the u-shape toy around the curves of her body, leaving the thicker part buzzing against her clit. The combination of internal and external vibrations was incredible.

Theo leaned over and kissed Sophie deeply as she stroked his member where the toy once was. 

“I want you to fuck me,” she said.

“You have no idea how badly I want that,” Theo said, staring down at the blue toy between her legs.

Sophie turned to press her ass against his member, working her cheeks up and down his length to get a feel of him. He was hard and hot against her chilled skin. With her hand guiding him, he slipped inside her and slid deeper and deeper until their thighs were flush against each other. The fullness of the toy and Theo both inside of Sophie at once gave her instant goosebumps all over her body. Her heels provided her with the added height she needed to push herself further onto his penis without trouble, made easier by the fact that Theo was leaning back against the railing. His hands grabbed her hips as he thrust into her. 

With him inside her, they could both feel the vibrations of the toy at work, adding a new and exciting element to their tryst.

“Higher,” she demanded, her hips gyrating back against him. Theo relented, released his hand from her hip, and ran his thumb along the dial on the side of the remote, feeling the waves grow more and more intense. He nearly buckled once more, the pleasures on his cock sending his mind spiraling out of control.

The sensations were more intense this time, and Sophie quickened her pace, gliding along his shaft. The feeling was so intense that she had to hold onto the handrail for some added balance.

Their thighs slapped together rhythmically and she could feel the fabric of his underwear around his thighs growing more and more wet with her juices and their mutual perspiration. Time demanded that they finish this before someone realized the elevator had been stuck for too long and called the police to remedy the situation – but Sophie was drowning delightfully in the sensations that rippled through her vaginal walls. The pleasurable quivering of his vibrating cock inside her sent sparks dancing up her spine and she felt the impending orgasm building up within her.

“Fuck…” Theo whispered as his hands clawed at her hips, working them faster against him.

His muttered swear told her he was near the end and – not wanting Sophie to be left behind – he adjusted the vibrator from under his girth to press it to her clit. Her knees buckled beneath her as she continued to fuck him, the fluids melting together and adhering them to each other in a hot mess they’d never experienced before. This was much different than their little sneak-away at the wedding the other week; this was hot, unbridled, passionate fucking.

Sophie mirrored his swear in repeated gasps for air when she finally slammed back against him,  quivering and straining to remain standing.

Theo felt her inner walls clenching against his penis, increasing the friction and tension as she came around him. His hips begged for more, leaning into these new sensations. The pressure beneath his navel unfurled itself as he came.

They clung to each other as they tried to reclaim air, their panting bodies adhered together in a mix of sweat and wetness. The walls of the elevator appeared misty from all the humidity inside. Theo gently slipped out of her with a groan. Sophie followed suit with the toy, placing it in a small bag that she carried in her purse for the occasion. She then noticed the tiny red light in the corner of the elevator as she pulled her underwear and pants back on.


“What?” Theo questioned with a drunken look on his face. The head of his cock was still bobbing as he waited for his erection to soften so he could tuck it back inside his underwear. He spotted a tiny drop of semen on the ground and smeared it away with his shoe.

“We’re going to have to wipe that tape in the security office.” She pointed at the camera in the corner, a blush covering her cheeks. She’d enjoyed herself immensely, but that didn’t mean she wanted other people to see what she and Theo got up to when no one was looking.

“I mean, it is your hotel. You can erase whatever tapes you like. It’s not illegal if you own the place.” He exhaled a hearty laugh as he zipped up his pants. He leaned over her shoulder to give her a kiss on the cheek, and she returned the gesture with one on his temple.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how the saying goes, love,” she said. As he wrapped his arms around her, his chest still heaving against her back, she turned the emergency halt off so that the elevator could continue to the parking garage. They still had a lot of work to do, after all.



Callisto Morgan is a 34-year old writer when she’s not taking care of her two dogs and her garden in her spare time. She lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York near Lake Ontario and enjoys the occasional walk along the Erie Canal, visits to the local museums, and foraging on Thai cuisine.

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