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The Hotel

By Sydney S

As soon as she caught a glimpse of him, she ran toward him full speed and jumped excitedly into his arms. 

“I can’t believe it’s you,” she said as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her eyes filled up with tears of pure joy. He lifted her off the ground, smiled wide and hugged her tighter. Finally.. After months of long-distance, Josie was thrilled to finally see and hold and touch Spencer again. 

“You look great,” she said after letting go.

“You look great,” he replied, smiling down at her.

Eagerly they checked into the hotel and headed upstairs, flurries of conversation filling the elevator ride, how was the drive, where do you want to go for dinner tonight, I bet you’re exhausted. She followed him into the room and made light conversation as he got settled.

Suddenly, things grew quiet as the elephant in the room grew more prevalent.

“I missed you,” She said shyly.

He looked up from the ground and into her eyes.

“I missed you too, babe” he replied.

“So” she stuttered, “what do you want for dinner tonight? I thought we could maybe go to the Italian place down the street.”

“I’m hungry right now,” he said, achingly.

Speechless she stared at his handsome face, her stomach fluttering wildly after such a long pause in their intimacy.

“Is that so?” she asked in her sultry way. 

Without another moment of hesitation, Spencer stood up and walked toward her, grabbing her by the waist and pushing her up against the wall, forcefully, passionately. He cupped her face and kissed her hard, desire spilling from his mouth into hers.

In an instant things were hot and sweaty and dripping with risk, with sensuality. 

She returned the desire powerfully, grabbing Spencer’s muscular shoulders and running her soft hands through his hair, moaning with desire. She needed him more in that moment than she had ever needed anyone or anything. 

Spencer lifted her as she wrapped her legs around him and he slipped his tongue into her mouth.  Josie felt herself grow wet as she began to kiss his neck and bite his earlobe. “Why don’t we move this to the bed?”

Without missing a second,, he carried her to the bed and set her down . She stared with shaky legs as he quickly removed his shirt, belt, pants.

Resuming heavy kisses, Spencer ran his hands down her sides, one finger at a time over her neck and prominent collar bones. He slowly slipped off her shirt and, even more teasingly, her pants. She lay in front of him,  half-naked and nearly soaked.

 “You’re warmed up, I see.” he said. She smiled and nodded, beckoning him on top of her, already missing his lips. 

This time he kissed her lower until he reached her perky breasts and unhooked her bra with ease. 

He lowered his mouth and began gently sucking on her nipples, triggering quiet moans from her sweet mouth. Teasingly, he began to kiss her ribcage and stomach, only to move back up to her lips, slowly. 

“No fair” she remarked in response. 

“Tell me you don’t like it,” he said knowingly. She looked into his blue eyes and moaned loudly as he playfully bit her nipple. “Please, baby” she asked, “I need you.” He grew harder by the second just thinking about the sweetness between her legs. He wasn’t lying when he said he was hungry right now. 

He licked slowly with his luscious tongue down her stomach until he reached her hip bones. There, he paused and lightly nibbled on her hip bones. He could see how wet she was already and he didn’t think he’d ever been more eager to taste something. He grabbed onto her purple, lace panties with his teeth and gently pulled them outward, only to let them snap back onto her wet pussy. She exhaled heavily and her head fell back onto the pillow. He smiled and finally pulled her panties off. 

Compared to their heavy makeout seconds prior, his slow movements felt like sweet torture. Spencer put his face between her thick thighs and started to lick, nibble, suck, kiss. She was moaning months worth of desire, finally fulfilled and better than she had ever imagined. 

Josie threw her head back and let out sweet, loud moans, his name on her breath as she begged for mercy, followed by begging him not to stop. This only encouraged him as he swirled his tongue rapidly around her clit. She began to squirm and in response, he reached up and forcefully held her thighs tight to the bed. She drew in a sharp breath at his command and felt her cheeks get hot with submission. He stuck his tongue deep inside of her and slowly pulled it out, allowing the tip of his tongue to retrace its steps back to her clit. 

“Please” she moaned, “fuck, yes please.” He stuck his finger in his mouth and began making small, teasing circles around her clit while she gripped the sheets, close to climax. He could tell. He retired his finger and resumed with his tongue, licking up her pussy as slowly as he possibly could, dragging out those final moments and enjoying himself thoroughly. She moaned with as much satisfaction as she had ever felt as she climaxed, long and hard, her hands in his hair.He licked clean every ounce of cum  before he gazed up at her and smirked. 

Her whole body relaxed and he joined her once again at the head of the bed. Sweating with satisfaction, she pulled herself together and climbed on top of him, kissing him hard. She looked deep into his eyes, smiled naughtily, and said, “Ready for your turn?”



Sydney has been writing erotica, mostly just for fun, for about 5 years and has just recently aspired to publish some of it. Most of her ideas come from a mixture of fantasy and personal experience, and she truly loves writing her thoughts to life and expressing herself through writing.

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